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Review of some places I visited in Ibadan

Twenty one years in Lagos and I grew up believing that there was no life beyond Lagos until I decided to take the bold step and move beyond Lagos. Stay with me to the end as I have listed and reviewed some of the places I visited in Ibadan.

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I overlooked my travel phobia and motion sickness and embarked on a two-hour evening trip to Ibadan, six days here and I have realized that Lagos is designed to shorten our lifespan. I searched for at least thirty minutes traffic in Ibadan so I’ll be assured that Lagos wasn’t totally running me mad but alas!!! No traffic.

Even the rain wasn’t half as aggressive here as it has been in Lagos.

I’m now in the very best position to tell my dear readers, most of who reside in Lagos to travel out of that city once in a while just to wind off and experience the peace that comes with not being stuck in traffic and eating amala undilutedly made with peace and love.

The kind of amala you’d enjoy without getting angry if you try to drag shaki with your teeth and it splashes soup into your eyes. That’s the kind of amala I’m talking about.


Don’t ask where Monday and Tuesday went because I slept all day on Tuesday.

If you feel the need to also be adventurous, please visit Bowers tower if you’re claustrophobic and experience what it’s like to be in a horror movie.

You can tell from the pain in my eyes that the journey that led to taking this picture was not funny. After eating that beautiful amala from Amala skye, my host decided that he was going to take me to bowers tower because he wanted me to be in touch with history. I honestly would have opted for sleep but I couldn’t resist not spending my host’s money so I agreed and so began the journey that took four of us to that tower. After climbing the hill and walking the long road that led to the tower, we finally made it into the compound where the tower stands only to find out that the stairs are really tiny and the flight up was quite long and slow. For every step I took, I said prayers that went like “God abeg, don’t let these walls close in on me, don’t let that door lock and don’t let these stairs give way under me. God, please I’m begging you, you know I don’t watch horror movies, don’t let me star in one.” I was the most scared than I had ever been in my life because the stairs were never ending.

We eventually made it up but my paranoid state refused to let my body calm down. The view was great, it was a 360 view of the whole city and I could have sworn I saw Unilag but I couldn’t afford to let my guard down because I didn’t trust the tower to not collapse.

The rest of the guys were making the most out of it and creating memories but not me because I just wanted to get to the ground again and when we did, I walked as fast as my legs could take me. I was laughed at but I preferred that, really.

I’m pretty sure that if my host says it from his point of view, you’d think we went to heaven because perspectives play very important roles in storytelling. It was that same day that WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were down so I visited the coldstone at bodija and compensated myself for the horror I had experienced earlier.


Thursday evening had me at the the arcade at Ventura mall.

We tried something that we ordinarily wouldn’t try in Lagos. We said “let’s go to the mall” ordered Taxify and got to the mall in less than ten minutes. I kept on saying “wow” because as a sane person in Lagos, even if you lived behind the mall, you had to make proper plans and leave your house hours before the stipulated time because traffic could build up unexpectedly in front of your gate.

Safe to say that I had fun without being worried that I was going to have to face traffic on my way back home. Life is good when you don’t end up spending half of your day in traffic and all your money on transport.


If you ever want to eat breakfast and get full, be sure to visit Oliver’s cafe. I was so sure before I saw the pancakes that I was going to ask for another round but halfway through the pancakes, my stomach was already acting full but I loosened my shorts and lived up to my nickname – baby elephant.

This breakfast knocked me out till 3pm.


I visited Agodi gardens. I’m never going there again.

My blogger friend – Yeychi picked me up later that afternoon and took me to ParisBakery and I kid you not, they had amala alongside their icecream and cake. If you looked closely, you’d also see rice and stew.


If you love pure sugar, please order anything from this bakery. I had never had problems finishing icecream until I tasted this one. Never again dear God.

If you ever need an affordable restaurant where you can go on dates, please start with cafe Chrystalis.


I’m in Lagos and I’m in tears because I entered Lagos and became unfresh. The best you people can do for me now is answer the following questions in the comment section.