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June, which way abeg?

I don’t think I have ever had a cause to come here twice in a week for the purpose of creating blog posts but my heart is very heavy. This is the week that I’ve sat down to ask if God is really annoyed with Nigerians because this week has caused a lot of pains in the heart of Nigerians.

While we were busy mourning with D’banj and his family, we were thrown into another state of mourning of the loss of two out of three kids to a fire accident. The children of a Nigerian Reproductive Health Expert -Blessing Timidi Digha.

We were not even over this one when we heard that a mother somewhere in Abia burnt her son because she heard he stole a MP3 player from a neighbor. Days after, he died while asking that his mother be forgiven by the Nigerian police because he was the one at fault.

Where others are praying not to lose their kids, this one gave him to death freely.

Nigerians of course decided that we were going to seek solace in the Nigeria-Argentina match in the midst of the storm but our already broken hearts were left shattered. Let me not even generalize.

My heart was beyond shattered, our loss reminded me of everything I have ever lost including my relationships and I cried. I cried for every earring I ever lost, I cried for every marks I ever lost, I cried for the very first F I got a few weeks I ago.

I cried in heartbreak and slept very early and woke up to the news of the continued killings in plateau state and I stayed wondering what it was our country’s government was known for best and it hit me.

They were good for nothing!!!

Then Wednesday night came with the comic relief. There was a rape allegation on twitter and you know how everyone loves twitter drama? Yeah, we all keyed into it. Twitter went agog with the Berger to Ajah tweets when it was alleged that a babe travelled all the way from Berger to Ajah for knacks only for her to come out two years later to claim that she was raped. Amazingly, the accused cleared his name with the chats they had two years ago and he was vindicated. Well, not by feminist twitter who claimed that the accused body shamed the accuser.

I was more amazed at the fact that someone travelled from Berger to Ajah and still had the strength to still give in to knacks and this made me reevaluate my laziness that came with going to class.

We were all too happy that this was going to relieve us for a bit when we heard that the Bodija Meat market was under clash between the police and butchers.


This is a disaster!

This is the disaster!!

This is one out of a million of Nigeria’s disaster!!!

This is coming weeks after a container fell at Ojuelegba and killed a lot of people.


How does a tanker explode on Otedola bridge and kill a lot of people.

My friend happened to be in that bridge minutes before that fire started and I cried like I already lost him.

My heart is heavy and I honestly want to go back in time, back to May so we can find out where we went wrong and make a lot of amends because I’m sure this is how this issue will die down.


Has June been nice to you?

How do you feel really?

Does this country frustrate you like it does to me?

How are you, really?


I’m too high up in my emotions so I can hardly process what it is I’m writing. I doubt I’ll even proofread this post.

Now playing: Oga Na master by Yusuf_kan_bai who is also YusufShotMe. Click here to download and listen to the song, you just might hear your name.

Congratulations to our Nigerian Super Eagles that didn’t fail to beat Iceland to water last week, these guys made an entire nation come together as one to celebrate. We hope to get a chance to do it again today as we play against Argentina. We love you guys.

Let’s talk about SARS.

On Saturday night, my friends and I were going for an event on the island and we stopped to buy fuel at conoil around Jibowu – under bridge. We had bought our fuel and were about to drive out of the fueling station when a sienna otherwise known as a space bus with no plate number stopped in front of us.

“Everybody come down” one of them said to us as they all began to come out of their own space bus. We lost count of how many people came out of the bus as we began to alight from our own vehicle.

With the way they dressed and brandished their guns, you would think they were highway robbers.

“Search all of them” someone ordered.

They began to search all of us one after the other, searching our bags and purses and asking that we submit our breast pockets and trouser pockets for searching. All of these we did quietly and watched as they were disappointed at the outcome of their searches because to begin with, none of us had any visible cash on us.

They went ahead to search the car upside down for whatever it was they put there, we were very careful not to let them plant anything inside the car.

They must have searched that car ten times because they were so keen on finding what it was that led them there.

When they stepped away from us for a while, I went to twitter to drop this

Segalink who has over the past few months proven to be voice of the youths was awake, fortunately for all of us. Our dear SARS officials who were already getting physically frustrated at not being able to pin anything on us got angrier when they realized that it was a lady that was driving the car and the two males with us had their ID cards intact. We were born ready on this night.

They tried and said everything in their power to make at least one of us angry, from calling us a prostitution ring to referring to us as children being trafficked, we took everything because we were not going to risk being in a verbal battle with armed men in the middle of nowhere in the dead of the night.

I, of course did what I knew how to do best – I made jokes out of the situation to ensure that my friends were not tensed and updated everyone on my whatsapp about what was happening. By the time they finally let us go, we were shaken but grateful to God that there was no trigger-happy uniformed man among those ones.

Because imagine such a beauty being harassed by SARS. Tragic!!

Let’s also all thank the Lord for his infinite mercies because they are new every morning. Brethren, men and women on this blog, I did not sleep at an overnight event. My eyes did not bother to close that night. We’re making progress.

Anyway, Sunday came and it was beautiful until the news of Daniel’s death filtered round the internet. I just sat down wondering why a one year old boy had to die when it was reported that a family lost two of their kids to a fire incident. I have never lost a child before but I was hit deep down in my soul, no parent should ever go through the pain of losing a child to the cold hands of death.

RIP to these young souls, may God be with the respective families in this trying times.

Barely a week after a trailer fell at ojuelegba with the Lagos state government sweeping it under the rug, we get the news of the heartless killings in Plateau and we cannot help but wonder what our government is doing about this situation.

We need explanations that come with actions please.

That a particular set of people decide for take 85 human lives because their cows were stolen speaks a whole lot about us and how devalued our lives in this country are.

Your president will not put his mouth in this one now because it doesn’t involve lifestyle and travel blogging, 2019 is almost here, don’t worry sir.

All these deaths set me off and I became withdrawn, knowing that a lot of people are going through stuff and would refuse to talk because they know and feel like others are going through worse. I decided to ask all of my friends the ‘How are you, really?’ question and they all gave me their default answer ‘I’m fine’. After deep conversations with most of my friends, I realized that nobody is really fine on this earth. We’ve gotten so used to the ‘las las, we go dey alright’ phrase that we usually even forget to be alright. Some of us pretend to be alright because that is what is expected of us, we don’t mind. We just hope that when we break down, you’ll be here to carry us up. Some others have resorted to using drugs to suppress their emotions. I stand against using drugs and other substances as your last resort because I want everyone to be mentally aware which is why we have to be at this event on Wednesday to learn about the dangers of drugs and their vices.

We already have enough problems, let’s not add uncontrollable drinking, smoking and substance taking to the problems.








What are you angry about today?

I greet you in the performance of our Super Eagles, I hope y’all had a good last week because I know I did.

It’s unfortunately almost 5am and I’ve been trying to write since 2:59am, all to no avail.

God help me and how this post comes out.

Now playing: Jon McReynolds – I love you.

Am I the only one that feels like Jon sings to God like he’s singing to his babe? I love him and I love how all his songs make me feel like the words are my personal conversations with God. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone reading this.

Source: google


So people of the Most High God, I moved out of the hostel as stipulated by the School of first choice on Wednesday afternoon, went for a shoot for my dear friend – Peniel_Arts who does great body arts and is available for bookings. I spent the whole day at that shoot and went to Ruru’s house for the mini holiday.



Great right? I thought so too till I slipped and fell in the bathroom on Thursday morning the day I was supposed to go and make my hair, having in mind that I was supposed to host on Saturday that week, laugh with me please.

I limped my way to Lagos Island and came out of there with my beautifully made ombré hair that my parents should never even see live no matter how old I want to claim to be.


I went to see my mother at the hospital in the company of my father and my siblings in my beautifully turbaned hair, well shielded against adult view.

Spot me

That same day, I had my blood taken for tests after all my resistance and also witnessed two children get rushed into the emergency ward after an accident.


Ruru and I went late to church because we were playing around the house instead of actually dressing up. Note that I still had my injury and I had to wear heels. If you’ve never worn heels on an injury before, kindly respect me and the funny walk I did.

I met a speed painter who deserves all the recognition in the world.

Book FrancisJide for your events. You won’t regret it I promise.

The event was a success with over 7000 young people in attendance and I feel like I’m now really ready to become a host officially.

I’m definitely adding it to my bio.

Saturday evening.

Ruru had to host a party and I had to follow her because I’m her unofficial road manager and hypeman. We got to the party venue and realized that we had not eaten all day. We found a restaurant near by, the one they call Lasgidi buka. I suspected that nothing good would come out of the restaurant as it was empty when we entered. I was right because after spending exactly five thousand naira on food, we were served nonsense.

It’s worse in the mouth.

Don’t even get me started on how mad I was and how I called them out and sent a mail to them too. All they offered was their apologies and a promise that it was going to be looked into.

We did our makeup that evening and settled down to watch the Nigerian match, which was my biggest mistake because the match made me exhausted and angry which in turn made me lose all the ginger I had in my body. If you know me well, you’d know that I have high tendencies to always fall asleep at night parties, now imagine those tendencies accompanied by the mental exhaustion the Nigerian match brought. Guys, I slept till 3:30am, woke up to take a break from sleeping for about 30 minutes then I went back to continue sleeping.


I woke up at 12 noon after all the boastings I made about waking up by 9am to go to church. Your wce is a sleeper. Ruru woke up by 2pm because she was hungry and we went all the way to obalende from lekki to look for food to eat. We continued sleeping and woke up by 6pm to start getting ready for the premier of Oceans8 at IMAX where I met the love of my life – Osas Ajibade. She’s the first and only celebrity that I’ve ever been shy to walk up to. I think I cried a little and she comforted me.

You saw it here first


Ruru and I came back to the school of first choice, had our Dare2Dream shoot till 4pm and went to White House to eat their amala. That remains the most disgusting amala I’ve ever eaten in my life. The way people would sit down and hype that place, I didn’t expect their kind of overratedness. We proceeded to have our shoot with YusufShotMe which will stun you by the way.


I wake up at 10am after sleeping early on Monday night, I try to write but nothing works so I go on to read about the xxx guy that died and I find out that he angered a lot of people before he died. I also had a good laugh at those people that were acting like they knew him before he started wearing pampers which is why I want to publicly appeal now, please don’t wait till I die before you eulogize me. I’ll be very angry in death and I’ll roll in my grave. Let’s be happy with ourselves now that I’m alive.

I had a shoot at Ikeja and I went to magodo to see one of my beautiful male friends at his office and I promise you, Edo males are fine!!

I left magodo to school and then to Ikoyi to meet up with some future business partners and my two of the best friends I have – Steven and Birch and we proceed to the mainland as one.

Wednesday morning


I’m angry and angered in my spirit at just one thing – the fact that for the third time in three years, another trailer is falling off Ojuelegba bridge.

How we’ve been made to move up from being angry at Super Eagles to getting angry at the Nigerian government is just as amazing. Every year, lives are lost under that bridge because of the tankers that have found a home there. It wouldn’t have annoyed me this much if it fell on a government official and its convoy but no, it fell on innocent citizens who just wanted to go home and sleep.

May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace, in Jesus name.

How are you?

How’s your week going?

What are you angry about today?

This Abroad life I crave so much😫

Happy new week my people

Hope you had a great weekend?

I’m beginning to get a hang of this weekly blogging thing, thank you Jesus.

If you’ve not read my last blog post where I mentioned going to the Orphanage curtesy 9jacampusstyle, just click here.

I visited SOS village orphanage with a few of my teammates and had genuine fun with those guys because they had just the right kind of vibe I needed.

Stop staring at my fresh hands ah

I’m sorry😪 the security man that took the pictures covered a part of the camera.

I’ve also never not seen an orphanage home so organized and as disciplined as SOS. God bless the selflessness of the hearts of a lot of people.

Of course it’s 3am and I’m jamming to songs from THE GREATEST SHOWMAN because I usually feel inspired with the words of the songs and boy do I get emotional whenever I listen to This is me, A million dreams and Never enough.

Mostly emotional because people can sing in this life and I can’t even hold a note to save my own life which is why I appreciate great musician when I hear them even though you’ll never find any song on my iPhone.

Don’t listen to Rewrite the stars at3am if you’re just as single, you might hate yourself.

Meanwhile, the school of first choice that I attend have decided that they will singlehandedly ruin my life with their own hands. Remember when I came to rant about unilag exams here? Well, some of the results are out and at this point, the most important thing is that we’re alive because I don’t even know how to feel.

While I’m trying to put myself through ‘result seeing recovery stage’ University of first choice decides to come up with another one.

THEY WANT TO FUMIGATE!!! It’s the second week of resumption and they want to fumigate the hostels. I honestly have no problem with them fumigating, what I have a problem with is them asking that we pack all our luggages home on Wednesday and bring them back on Sunday after fumigation.

People with bedbugs infested properties should pack them, carry them out of the hostel and bring these bedbugs back in full action after four days.

My only problem now is the question of where Unilag wants me to go? Do they expect that I’ll carry my luggages to Epe on Wednesday and bring them back on Sunday with taxify to and fro even after Steevane highlighted the perks of entering cabs as a low income earner here?

Don’t ask me why I can’t take them to the Administrative office because apart from the fact that I don’t trust the safety of my small properties, I’m also very sure that Epe would not be considered a long distance because they didn’t consider it far during balloting.

Oh and my box has even spoilt, I need to get a new and bigger box. I’m finished.

If I actually was in all the places abroad as I have been portraying on my IG locations, will this school have the audacity to treat me like this?

See, the following pictures are reminders that abroad will fit me incase you have forgotten.

I’m not really in New York but see the abroad glow rehearsing itself on my body now

Someone needs to sponsor me out of this country. I won’t disgrace you I promise. I’m available to go out of this country and give you and me good names. Thanks in advance.

I enjoyed writing this post a lot. It’s the music.

Do you know anyone who’s affected by this Unilag brouhaha? Please how are they feeling?

Is there space in your house?

Am I the only one that adores the hard work put into production of The Greatest Showman?

Am I the only one that feels the need to travel out of this country biko?

Are you single? If yes, why?

See you guys in the next blog post, don’t forget to like, comment, share and invite people to my blog.

I’m Getting Married

Happy new week o, dear readers.

How did your weekend go?

Mine went well, thank you for asking back.

It’s 3am and of course and I’m listening to Nasty C’s Jungle and King while writing this on a hospital chair.

Special birthday shout out to Taofeek Oseni, God bless you real good.

Meanwhile, if you’re a blogger like me, I really do appreciate you. Creating blog posts has to be the hardest thing a blogger ever experiences.

This thing is not easy but we stay doing it for the audience.

Recently, my younger brother asked me when I will be getting married.

The question shocked me to my bone marrow because not only am I too young at the moment, he really had no right to come on to me like that.

Even if the question of getting married was going to arise, I didn’t expect that it would be from him, my parents yes but my younger brother, no. I stayed wondering how someone like me who is still careless enough to lock herself inside a bathroom with no hope of getting out is being asked about her husband.

Of course I didn’t tell him all of these. I told him that I didn’t even have a boyfriend yet not to talk of a potential husband and he laughed and reminded me of the days when a lot of male species were indirectly asking to let me be deceived by them in the name of dating and how I usually brought them to the house whenever my parents were not at home to be scrutinized under the full view of my siblings. Of course if my siblings said no, that was the last time we would ever speak to each other.

Talk about influencers.

This whole reminder had me thinking with a lot of why’s and how’s running through my head.

For example:

⁃ why did I stop getting chased as soon as I started to grow up? I’m way finer than I was five years ago when I was hot on 2go and Facebook.

⁃ How do you males that like me live with yourselves when you know you like me and you won’t tell me until I finally like someone else back, only then will you realize that you were there before another male came to scoop me away like the icecream that I am.

Allow me stop here first before I get into some people’s feelings. I’m not saying I’m in the mood to get married at the moment, all I’m saying is I think I enjoyed being totally scrutinized by my brother about this issue of marriage. It makes me feel so grown up, let me not lie.

My parents on the other hand still don’t want to see me involved with any male specie because I’m still 12 to them. Shoutout to all my male friends that feel really special because I’ve introduced them to my parents, you guys are really special because if I did the introduction three years ago, your heads might have left your necks then.

All of these being said, I’m psyched about Saturday because 9jacampusstyle has decided to give back to the society as we will be visiting an orphanage home to go and educate them on a lot of things, I’ll be using this opportunity to talk to them about molestation and its vices. I feel excited really, my voice gets to move beyond the four walls of social media.

One of the miracles I want to get involved in creating is trying to rid the society of sexual predators and molestation because I don’t want any child of tomorrow to grow up as traumatized as some of the people who shared their stories.

This quote bursted my head sha. Anyway, the floor is open for donations and volunteers. Read the instruction on the flier or click here to contribute to this project.

I honestly love my readers and supporters with the love of God❤️

Have a blessed week.

Have you ever had to involve your siblings in your relationships? How did it go?

Do you like Nasty C as much as I do? How many of his songs do you have?

Have you gotten to the ‘where’s your spouse’ stage with your parents? Gist me abeg.

Have you ever volunteered for anything? How did it go?

No really, What’s going on?

Happy new week blog fam❤️

Yes please, it is a new week when I decide I want it to be.

It’s 3am and I’m jamming to Mr Eazi’s new songs – London Town and Overload and I can’t help but appreciate this fellow’s talent. UMG is actually lucky to have Otedola’s son-in-law.

See the way it’s actually making me happy. At 3am!!!

God I need help.

Download the two songs HERE and HERE.

Moving on.

Shey you see that I’m in a mad school? Was it not just last week that I came here to thank God that I had finally finished exams and was on holiday? (Read here) Apparently, unilag asked us to resume on the 28th. It’s not like I went home or anything, I’ve been in the hostel but who will follow them to resume in the same May we did my birthday, exams and convocation?

We shall see ourselves when exam time is drawing closer.

Anyway, last weekend proved to be one of my best weekends yet as my baby girl MeetRuru decided to throw a party for us in celebration of her birthday. I remained gallant on kitchen duty as I had to ensure that everyone had their stomachs satisfied to an extent. Of course, trust me to go to bed in between the party.

No, I did not find the love of my life at the party but I did get to see a lot of talented individuals under one roof.

Weekend passed by so quickly and the start of a new week had me confined to my bed because technically, it was still children’s day on Monday because schools declared it so. It was a normal Monday actually until this happened in the afternoon.

But you see when I had written this on my insta story, I had expected reactions and stories similar to mine like these ones in the images below

But what I didn’t bargain for was this escalation

Notice the slow progression from being harassed with words to actually being harassed with direct contact?

While I was still trying to get a hang of all of these, I saw this

The very reason why a lot of people hate to speak up. I just couldn’t understand why our fellow women thought it wise to make it seem like her being touched by a total stranger who paid for a seat as much as she did was to be overlooked. A lot of times, we women are our own problems because I’m sure that it would take nothing for them to face the man and give him the lecture of his life; but then again, this is Nigeria.

If you know anyone that fights for all these things legitimately and is not the Nigerian Police force, please kindly put it in the comment section.

But notice how it progressed from where I started to rape stories, digest the images below

This particular one came from a guy I know. This just proved that nobody under the sun is safe.

He actually got married intact!!! I’m going to leave the side comments for you guys to do but I want you to see the messages of that one person that decided that she wanted to be unfortunate. Pardon my French.

I had reached my boiling point at this time but I still decided to play it cool because of the sensitivity of the issue. Trust my followers on instagram to give it to her hot.

Click Molestation on my page after you click HERE to read their replies on my instastory.

I’ve omitted a lot of dms because I am trying so hard not to flood this post so that WordPress will not lock me out. A lot of experiences shared to me have been shared on my highlights. All you need to do is visit my IG page and read all that is happening under our noses.

It’s past 4am and I am still jamming to Mr Eazi’s songs – LONDON TOWN and OVERLOAD.

If you have any encounter to share, kindly use the comment section or send it to my mail for anonymity purpose.


What are your thoughts on these issues raised?


Know any body or agency willing to take all of this up?


Have you ever been in such situations?


Do let me know in the comment section.

I’m back. Again

I’m a survivor (what?)

I’m not gon’ give up (what?)

I’m not gon’ stop (what?)

I’m gon’ work harder (what?)

I’m a survivor (what?)

I’m gonna make it (what?)

I will survive (what?)

Keep on survivin'(what?)

Brethren praise the Lord!!!

Your favorite blogger king who has been depressed because of exams has been freed from the shackles of Unilag exams until August.

I thought I was going to have to give up and drop out in the middle of all these but God held me through so I couldn’t let go.

I got broken up with during exams but the gist is already stale.

It’s been five whole days since I dropped the pen for my fifth semester in this school and while I marvel at the fact that God remained faithful despite everything, I cannot help but thank him because while others have four to five more semesters to remain in this school, I have just three left.

Five days after exams and a lot has happened.

Talk about transmission, my attending the Royal wedding low key, visiting a new church for the first time in a long while; shoutout to @thetribelagos that is being pastored by our very own @ferdyadimefe, to having my unwanted visitor hours after having a swell time in the presence of God.

I call it unwanted because I have high resentments towards it, we can never agree especially with the useless cramps it brings along. If you’ve never had cramps where you’ve had to vomit to welcome the cramps in full swing, you don’t know how lucky you are.

Since the cramps didn’t let me sleep, I decided to watch MTV Shuga from episode one down to the last episode. I’m very emotional because this series hit me deep in my heart and also because my cramps are willing to kill me before my time. I didn’t even do anything to deserve this.

I’m not here to do shuga review because I can’t even start thinking of big words to use, you know the big words that impress you guys- my forever supportive readers. I’m just here to really appreciate the characters – Faa and Khalil even though they did not help me to lock lips like I was expecting but these characters always came in when my cramps was taking breaks.

Adebukola Oladipupo – Faa

Other characters were beautifully executed but Faa, for being a mother to her siblings and doing unfavorable things to put food on their table and finding a way to teach her sister about sex education, the very same topic our parents run from. Thank you.

Now I’m motivated to sit my siblings down and talk to them about these things, there’s nobody else to do it anyway.

Moses Akerele – Khalil

Khalil – for being such an amazing friend to Faa. Every sister needs a Khalil in their lives. Imagine having a bobo that is not your bobo but will ride for you like a bobo is supposed to without asking for anything in return. That’s what I want please.

So like my friend @officialsteevane is doing, instead of searching for a boyfriend, I’m searching for a Khalil. Please don’t make me do Google forms like steven did. Thanks.

How have you been?

Have you watched Shuga?

Did you enjoy it?

Who was your favorite character?

Ladies, am I the only one with terrible cramps? Share your stories in the comment section.

Guys, ever been close to a lady with cramps? Share your story in the comment section.

Have you seen episode 3 of Your Village People, a new show that I’m a part of? No? Click here

Have you visited my IG @virtuousi today?

I’m Just Not Worthy

Few days ago, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to even see this day or be this twenty. I had it a long time coming but I never found myself ready enough as this day drew closer.

I have been a teenager for as long as I can remember, so long that I was beginning to doubt that my age still ended with ‘teen’. I already was becoming a stake holder in the teens church.

So twenty? I actually thought in my head that I would be shedding this skin and growing a new one since I am at the age where I can beat my chest proudly and say that I am two decades old, I also really felt that my stomach would be flat and my hair would be longer and I would have gained all the figure 8 I’ve been praying for but no. You should see me now, I’m just round and short and hot in a joggers and a shirt I stole from one of the loves of my life.

But if there’s one thing I know that’s for sure, it’s the fact that I HAVE GROWN. I know they say we shouldn’t question God but just this one time, I really want to know why God has found me worthy over the years to overlook my excesses and still call me His own because I didn’t even accept myself for me.

For the first time in a very long time, I accept my real age without any altercation because like every other day, I get hit with the realization that God is making me older for a reason.

I’m overwhelmed by the love being shown, I cannot explain how so many people know me neither can I explain how I’m still sane with the way my phones are hanging but what I can explain is how grateful I am.

Dear God, I’ll never disappoint you because you’ve never disappointed me. If I get to the point in my life where I feel like I’m too big to still be under your control, remind me that I’m still being elevated from nothingness to where you want me to be. If I ever feel like I don’t need you anymore, do like you always do to me, gist with me And make me understand that without you, there would be no me. Also, thank you for making me meet all these cool people around me.

Dear people that believe in me, I will never insult you by letting you down. It will be stupid on my end to ever make attempts to sideline you. If in any case, my shoulders begin to rise because of the overwhelming effect of the attention around be, please be patient with me and draw me back with love. I’m extremely fragile.

Dear people that started with me, if I ever attempt to raise my nose at you, if I ever attempt to degrade my journey. Forgive my childishness, Na small pikin dey worry me.

Dear squad, thank you for being there for me. Thank you for listening to my rants and my screams, thank you for letting me touch y’alls butts. If I ever pass by without touching your butt, call me back and present those sexy asses to me.

Dear everyone, we will blow.Happy birthday to me and my bothy.

Pictures shot by @yusufshotme

Styled by @stylesenami

Hair by @ariyikhair

Makeup by @tht_glam

Cakes by @kennyteecakes

Before 20 – Episode 3

Designed by its_sammysnow

If you’re just joining me, welcome to the episode three of my #before20 series.

If you’ve never seen any of the first two stories, you can read episode 1 here and here; episode 2 here and here.

I was never one to get the boys to look at me, the only reason boys got to look at me would probably be when they saw me walking from Aunty Ebere’s food shop with a full plate of food on one hand, snacks on the other and a bottle of drink well placed under my arm. They looked at me in amazement and wondered where all the food was going to in that small body.

While the members of the pink girls got advanced from our seniors, they even got valentine gifts; I only got requests to be a school daughter. Most of them needed me to spy on their girlfriends in junior school while others needed me to help them deliver letters to who they liked.

I enjoyed the benefits that came with being small bodied and looking innocent because I looked like I only came to school to read my books, most times I instigated fights between two parties by reporting what one said about the other to the other and vice versa. The day I had gotten into a fight myself, the PINK girls had my back and hid the fact that if my opponent had given me at least one slap, I would have collapsed. With the kind of threats I gave my opponent that day with the support of the girls, she never double crossed me again. Sometimes mouth was all you needed.

I progressed academically and socially and at the same time held my position as the baby of a lot of the teachers, which is why I bullied the bully until my new seat mate in junior class three could not take it anymore. I had this pride that came with being a lot of the teachers’ favorite, my name would escape the noisemakers list, I always got exempted whenever the whole class was getting flogged, while juniors were not allowed to go to the senior block for any reason, my favorite teacher always sent me to their classes to find out what they were doing, I always found out more than what they were doing. All of these behavior made me proud, my shortness didn’t matter anymore. I was winning.

Or I thought I was until I made the mistake of taunting Odinaka. He had a bad eye from an accident and was really big for our class. I had, on this particular day started to run my mouth as usual and I was warned a number of times by Odinaka, I ignored and continued to talk until my brain began to vibrate. It took me one minute to process that Odinaka had just slapped me.

The slap was supposed to humble and shut me up but it aggravated the sharpness of my mouth and so I continued to run my mouth until Odinaka had pinned me down to the chair and had beaten me for good thirty seconds. It felt like the longest thirty seconds of my life. The whole class watched in amazement as I got battered by Odinaka and did nothing, they felt like I probably deserved it. I never raised my head in class after that day as I went on with my life like a normal student would.

Few weeks before we resumed for second semester, I applied for another school. Everyone thought Odinaka had brought the mighty to her knees. If only they knew.

Who Missed Me?

Hey guys, who missed me?

I know I missed me.

I’ve been away for nearly two weeks so I’ll do a quick recap of what I’ve been up to.

In no particular order:


This university is slowly running me mad, I’ve been forgetting a lot of things of late. I’ve had situations where I forget that I’m supposed to submit an assignment which I never remember having. Thank God for good friends like KingLawal who doesn’t fail to put me on track every time I derail.


I suddenly developed keen interest in wanting to know the pioneers of deadly crimes in Nigeria. My discoveries shocked me and I decided that I wasn’t going to read them alone. I started an insta series about them. The stories are sitting pretty in my highlights. All my stories about those criminals are 100% sourced from the right sources.


If you’ve been up to date, you would notice that I’ve all of a sudden found a new hobby – matching my hair with my clothes. I didn’t realize how interesting this was until YusufShotme.

If you’ve seen this picture making rounds on the internet, you’re one out of many and we have Yusuf to thank for this magic. I almost look non-Nigerian here. All that’s left is for me to actually leave this country.


You wouldn’t understand how important this is until you try to write and you’ve lost touch of your African roots in writing because you’ve been inconsistent with your reading. This has been me, I had to seek for help and look for a lot of books by Legendary writers. I started with Lola Shoneyin’s Secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives. It was my second time, reading it but I still was as mesmerized as I was during my first time.

I have an half full library of books I want to read, I just really need to find the time to.

My okadabooks still stands gallantly. I’ve read almost all the books there anyway.


Sometime last week, I died.

I woke up knowing that I was going to have the worst three days of my life because I didn’t wake up naturally.

The pain that enveloped me in my sleep had me considering whether or not I still wanted to be a girl.

By 12pm that afternoon, I laid in bed, waiting for my departure from this earth.

The last time I felt such pain in such situation was in 2016, while I was in year 1.

It was also the day I did my first episode on Nigerian criminals, with Godogodo as the center of attraction.

I threw up all my intestines while writing that story but of course, the show had to go on.

I do not want my period again.

Of course I did not miss it, I just wanted to use that subject.

My insta highlights still itches for your views.


You know that point in your life when you want a lot of things done but you’re too broke to pay for them so you resort to ‘doing it yourself’? Yup!! I got to that point in my life.

Nobody told me twice, I started downloading apps and teaching myself things that I would be needing for me, myself and I. Networking also became an option for me when I realized that I’m not enough for me. I made a couple of new friends, had a couple of new subscribers. I’m still not where I want to be.


I might have been putting up this face of total control but to be honest I’m dying inside.


I realize that in a few weeks, I’ll be turning twenty and I feel underachieved.

@_horlar shot this

All these smile, na facade. I honestly feel like I grew up too fast, I didn’t even get the chance to be nineteen completely and twenty is already running after me. I love the idea of birthdays but I definitely do not fancy the idea of turning a year older.

As much as I’ll be claiming to be 17 again this year, I just really want to know what to do before I turn 20.

My birthday is still in May. May 1st to be precise.

I need a list of things to do before 20.

Kindly use the comment section, thank you❤️

Oh, and my body doesn’t reject gifts o, I’m in the mood to start collecting them in advance.