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Adulting: Navigating dating in your twenties

If you are looking for ways to make the most of dating and relationships in your twenties, you’re right where you need to be.

For starters, I want to inform you that this period will yield one of the most memorable experiences of your life when it comes to relationships of all kinds; friendships and romantic relationships alike. So, relax, and let’s explore what dating in your twenties is like and how you can find your soulmate.

In your early twenties, you’re young, open-minded, excited that your glaring physical features appeal to the opposite gender, you are in high spirits to explore and enjoy love. It’s good to start early, but how do you surf the dating waters without drowning? You either do this the easy way or the hard way. I learned the hard way.

Growing up, I was quite shy. So, even though I had cool friends, I was often quiet and observant. I liked to hang around girls and they loved me too (why not? Duh). So, when I got into the university, it was quite easy for me to have female friends, but on a platonic level. I wasn’t interested in a relationship at first because I didn’t want anyone deep in my emotional space. But shortly after, all my friends had gotten girlfriends, and I was the only single guy in the clique. We would attend parties and I would hang at a corner watching their girlfriends rock and grind on their bodies like worms on salt.

When we returned, there would be endless conversations about how much one loved his babe, or how we all saw another friend making out with his girlfriend. I enjoyed the laughs that came with it, then the pressure began. I wanted to feel that kind of intimacy with a babe I could call my own too.

At one of our numerous parties, I locked eyes with a pretty girl, innocent looking and with nice features. We didn’t initiate any conversation until the next time we met. After a few hangouts to justify the “talking stage” we had our first kiss and the relationship began. Just like that. It is worthy to note that she was officially my first relationship as previous endeavors were merely crushing. However, I was her third boyfriend at the time, so she was more “experienced” at dating and relationships.

 There’s something you should know before we continue. As a twenty-something year old, it is advisable to build genuine friendships with the opposite gender before diving into the stormy waters of relationships because trust me, even if a lifeguard finds you, you will still drown before you are rescued. Just ask your favorite Twitter influencer. (I didn’t mention names oh).

 One mistake I made as a young lover boy was, I saw this relationship as a fountain of love, and I wanted to explore all aspects of it right away. Contrary to why most people date (for the fun of it or to ‘explore and enjoy) I went into this relationship with long-term goals. Naive to the pros and cons of dating a Unilag girl (They’re not all the same), I gave the totality of my heart to her, without asking why she wanted us to date in the first place. That was my first fuck up.


Two months into the relationship, I was already planning our 1st anniversary. We didn’t last 6 months. We were two people with completely different reasons why we were dating. One of us was bound to get a complimentary breakfast in bed. I got it on a platter. it turned out that I was merely another stop as she was passing through her wild explorations. She tried tho, at least she didn’t wait till the anniversary.

I was devastated. For weeks I wasn’t myself. When I finally got over the relationship, I knew I would be single for some time, but I didn’t know it would be as long as 6 years. These six years made me realize several things. We did not want the same things from the relationship. Our ideas on how we wanted to be loved were different. So, I took on a relationship counseling program. I didn’t want to experience that or have anyone close to me experience the same. But I can’t save everyone. Some people don’t even want to be saved.

 That’s another thing. Some people in their early twenties still want some sort of validation from the opposite gender, and they crave the wrong attention because of that. These sets of people are the least kind of human beings you need in your relationship. A girl that is constantly stalked and sexually harassed online, but rejects every help she gets because she “likes the drama and attention”. A dude that has decided that his life goal is to have sex with every girl he possibly can as a form of trophy collection.

shaydee looks irritated by a couple dating
A-nya-ma (Nonsense)

Imagine dating a girl that complains that her boyfriend is too loving and kind, he’s always sweet and cares for her, doesn’t cheat and even when she initiates a fight for no reason, he’s the first to apologize for peace to reign. She wants some drama, she wants him to cheat and let her catch him so that she can break up and take him back after a short while. She wants him to spark an argument that gets her to post receipts of their fight on social media.

You date a guy who is a social media fanatic. Always seeking validation from influencers or has resorted to being the social media community penis. How do you trade your peace of mind for such relationships just because you don’t want to be single? It’s not worth it.

Now playing Pa salieu energy

Your twenties are a very crucial time in your life and you need to build healthy relationships that do not scar you for life. Do not jump into a relationship because all your friends are in one or just because there was sexual tension between you both at one party.

Another thing to look out for in dating as a young adult is CONSENT (respect). Consent is NOT only relevant in sex. Your relationship is a joint effort, a collaborative journey that often involves seeking the opinion of your partner on several matters including work, diet, sex, priorities, spirituality, career, and marriage. In this context, you and your decisions are respected out of love, not an obligation. When there is respect for one another, you will discover that it will be even difficult to cheat or be cheated on. You shouldn’t be with someone that doesn’t place your concerns and preferences as a priority. You’ll end up complaining about their actions most of the time.

Thank God for the woman I met that changed my life. Showed me that I could be loved for who I am and that I didn’t need to be perfect to be perfectly loved. During this relationship, I realized that my previous encounter dented my emotional wagon. It took her endurance and devoted patience to teach me how to love myself again, so I could love her like I ought to.

Couple in love as it should be


Now playing DKT – a song by Oxlade | Spotify

Everything I learned during my relationship counseling program would have meant nothing if I didn’t put them to use in my relationship. This brings us to COMMUNICATION and UNDERSTANDING.

In every stage of your dating career (as it has become a job for some people) you must learn to convey your emotions with courtesy and caution. Here’s what I mean; you’ve found someone you like, you spend time together and you feel butterflies in your tummy whenever their text pops up or when you hear their voice. Communicate, but apply common sense. Not everyone is on the same emotional wavelength as you are and that’s okay. Do not overload your emotions on your newfound friend because you want them to know how you feel about them. Take it easy, little words of enlightenment, cute gestures of affection, and without suddenly dropping the bomb, tell them how you feel and what you genuinely want from being together.

Don’t forget, not everyone will accept you or what you want from them. You need to understand that for every relationship to work, there has to be mutual understanding. If they are not on the same page as you are, duck and face your single life. Do not hang around with hopes that they’ll come around and give you all you want simply because you stuck around. They’ll just be servicing your engine without any spare parts in stock. Male and female alike.

By the time you realize that you’ve been wasting your time and your soul yearns for a soulmate, your engine would have lost its lucrative prowess or your heart would have been so broken that you’ll likely need therapy to truly love again. But, different strokes for different folks. *pun intended*.

While attempting to date in your twenties, endeavor to pray without ceasing. Don’t joke with prayer even if you think you’ve found ‘the one’, stay prayed up. You need God or whatever higher power you believe in to draw your match to you and keep your relationship healthy because if you do it solely on your own, you might just find yourself listening to Ric Hassani’s Thunder fire you on repeat for a long time.

As we close this session, if there’s nothing you take out of this, take this; Not all that glitters is gold. Do not jump into a relationship because the dude looks good, spoils you silly with food and gifts, or appears to be an angel (the devil was once an angel). The girl may have a banging body (we all like that), speak queen’s English, or even be Kim Kardashian’s protege. There is no blueprint set in stone for a perfect relationship. Nobody is perfect and there is no perfect relationship because everyone has their flaws. We only understand that this individual admits that they are flawed and works on being better for themselves and for you. Love yours.

I Do Not Enjoy Cooking

There! I finally said it, I do not enjoy cooking at all and I have come to terms with this.


I grew up in a home of six and it was customary that I always spent most of my time in the kitchen as the first born.

The very first time I entered the kitchen to cook, it was by force. My mother removed me from my room desk and told me that it was time for me to learn how to cook because I was growing up and it was customary for growing girls to learn how to cook, I didn’t dispute that. I followed her into the kitchen and I watched her cook. This went on for months till I finally got a hang of cooking, I began to cook alone for the whole family.

One evening, I almost burnt my parent’s room because I was panic-cooking in the kitchen (story for another day please, let’s focus on the topic for today) I do not remember a day in my life between age ten and seventeen that I wasn’t in the kitchen cooking, even when I would visit Benin for the holidays, the kitchen was my home and this was probably one of the reasons why I gained admission into the university and never entered the kitchen unless I wanted to greet someone in there. The hotplate my mother bought for me was intact for two years. I always found a way to have people cook for me or to buy food and to be fair, my mom still had her food shop in Unilag when I was in year one. Who said God is not good?

I had friends that enjoyed cooking in school so food was never a problem for me. I met Stylesenami, Ykbonly and Doyin in 2018 and gave them the impression that I could not cook. For two years, my friends believed I was a kitchen disaster and they were afraid I was going to burn the kitchen down so they never let me cook. I mean, I tried to tell them that I could, even though I was whispering this information but to be sincere, I did try. A for effort.


You see, living alone as an adult made me realize in full glare that cooking is a crazy burden. One morning, during the lockdown, I spent a little over an hour making pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages; I settled down to eat it and the plate was empty in less than five minutes. I sat on my bed naked with my stomach and face fallen in defeat and I had to come to terms with the fact that this type of life is not for me. How will I stay in the kitchen for hours and wolf down the food within five minutes?

It doesn’t even help that I might inhale the whole food and lose appetite to eat on some days.

As far as I’m concerned now, I only cook for survival and because I have no choice, not because of enjoyment. I still enjoy being cooked for and I still cook for my family when they’re over and for my friends too if I want to make myself feel good (I make a really wicked egusi soup though). So dear blog friends, if I ever invite you over, come with food or we’ll both drink water from my fridge.







December in Lagos?

I never really imagined that my comeback to this blog would have me coming here to say that I’ll be spending my December in Lagos’ NYSC orientation camp.

Now playing: Eazy Commando – Ashidapo.

It’s 3am and I’m currently in bed trying to force myself to finish this cute can of smirn off ice and I can tell you that I have stared at my call up letter for so long hoping it would disappear but alas, it’s still here. It didn’t even help that the letter came in while I was dressing to go on a date with this man, from that point forward, I behaved destabilized. I didn’t even wear my wig well because I was in shock.

Right now, I’m scared of the possibility of having to go through what my course-mates went through in camp. My group chat was filled with a lot of stories I cannot wrap my head around. Don’t get me started on the food I was seeing, please I’m begging you.

I leave for camp on Thursday, I was posted to Lagos, thankfully but that doesn’t still exonerate me from the stress and suffering the NYSC scheme has so glorified. It still also doesn’t make sense that NYSC felt the need to post people to the north knowing fully well that there is unrest in that region.
 Also, I need to repeat that it doesn’t make sense that we have to spend December in orientation camps.

Dear readers, just pray for me and other corpers. Jesus Christ didn’t get born for me to go and march unnecessarily in an orientation camp.
I’m really lightheaded, smirn off ice does to me what tequila does to some others.

I’m going to be stopping here for now. I need to keep thinking of how I’m going to avoid anything strenuous in that camp.

Read my previous post here.




There’s still a little bit of hope to hold on to.

Have you ever had a “God, shey me and you dey fight?” moment?


I’ll tell you for free that it’s not a pleasant one.

Now playing: Jonathan McReynolds’ Make Room album.

I have avoided writing on this blog because I didn’t want my sadness to reflect but what’s the point of having a personal blog if I can’t pour myself into words.

The last few weeks has had me questioning everything because things seem to be working upside down from where I’m sitting. On my birthday, I made a post where I confidently wrote that my crying days were over but my tear glands didn’t get the memo because everyday since the death of Tina was announced, I have bawled my eyes out. Everyday.

Rest In Peace Tina Ezekwe.
Rest In Peace Uwa

I find myself crying at the slightest provocation because of how helpless I feel. Everyday since Tina’s death, a new rape case or unlawfully killing case has come up and I find myself struggling with living with the fear of not knowing if I’d be next and the fear of not knowing what I’m actually doing with my life. I recently tried to send mails to the people on my mailing list and because it wasn’t working as I wanted it to, I shut my laptop and started to cry. Is this not madness?

It’s insane how you could be on social media screaming “No means no” but in real life, street urchins are using both their hands and eyes to feast on your body before you even have the chance to say no. If you try to ‘reason with them’ and explain why what they’re doing is wrong, best believe that they’re narrating to their cohorts how soft your body is while marking the body of the next girl they plan to touch.

All of these coupled with personal struggles have made me question my sanity a lot of times. I’d sometimes sit on the floor with my belly lose and ask myself “na me be this?” because of how much I have to handle at once.

I have now mastered the art of skillfully avoiding giving people advice or talks to motivate them because it feels like I’m pouring from an empty cup. Saying “you’re going to be fine and everything is going to work out” when I don’t believe it myself seems hypocritical. I recently played around and found myself picking up interest in makeup and I discovered it was therapeutic for me, progressing from the worse to bad gave me a little bit of hope that something was still working in my life.

My first makeup attempt
My fourth makeup attempt

This doesn’t change the fact that I have let a lot doubts settle in. Doubting myself, my faith, God, my craft, my decisions, my journey, adulthood, my growth and a lot of other things have become my favorite past time. In total summary, I feel like a fraud.

Having to doubt God may or may not break you because He’s literally the first in your life and it feels like you’re disconnecting from the source. It felt that way for me but I couldn’t say this to anyone because I’d be looked at like I’m crazy. My friend had to say her story for me to open up to her because I finally found someone that could relate to what I was feeling about my faith in God at that moment.

We talked about it, we ranted , we complained and we decided that we were going to try to work towards trusting him. It’s not a day’s job and we plan to take it as slow as possible till we can get back on track.

Now playing: Sauti Sol’s Brighter days.

If like me, you’re going through what doesn’t feel normal to you, I really hope you find the strength to wade through it in one piece. I also hope that you also have a strong support system who would have your back as much as you’d have theirs.

Hopefully, we’d get through this.

Happy new month, love.







Dear readers,

Initially, the thought of writing on this blog and posting on my birthday made me quite excited. I was going to routinely apologize for staying away for so long and ask that you people forgive me but honestly I’m way past that. That’s all I ever come here to write anyway.

Now playing: Senami’s “In my room” playlist.

I know I’m not the only one that gets less excited about my birthday with each passing year. I used to look forward to my birthday till I turned twenty, the excitement started to die down from that age. This year, I had hoped that I would throw a little party with my friends seeing that I had my own apartment and I would be playing host. Guess who’s sitting on the edge of the bed writing a blog post on her laptop five hours to her birthday?

if you say me, then you’re definitely correct.

I got my first birthday present two days to my birthday. It was my father who had paid me a surprise visit standing on the other side of my room telling me how disappointed he was because I had chosen to go rogue. In context, going rogue is not going back to my father’s house in Epe after school and renting an apartment of my own because no man would ever be interested in a lady that doesn’t stay with her parents. In 2020. Oddly, I felt good knowing that I had disappointed a parent because it was my first time being told that he was disappointed in me. I wasn’t so much of the star child he had grown to raise and that made me feel good.

The past one year of my life has been gone from dramatic to extremely dramatic and back to dramatic. I remember crying outside my department after my supervisor had said she didn’t remember approving the topic I had chosen. I was in chapter three and frustrated with life, that was the plug that needed to be pulled for my tears to spill and now that I think about it, I should have held those tears till I got home.

I battled with extreme sadness for months. You know the kind of sadness where its evident that something or a lot of things were wrong with you? I woke up everyday wanting to stay in bed all day and cry myself back to sleep but I couldn’t because the friends I have would never let me. I got quite addicted to sadness and tears so much that I started looking for reasons to be sad so I would listen to sad music and cry. In between sad songs and tears, I would get dms from people talking about how sad and depressed they were and I would pause my sadness and tears to help others through theirs and resume after I was sure that they were fine. It felt like madness but life could get overwhelming at times and you would wish with everything in you that you could stop being an adult. This went on till March 2020, I stopped because my eyes were beginning to hurt too much from crying. I had to bring myself out of the pit of sadness I kept digging with the help of my beautiful friends.

Happy birthday osas
wall art by peniel art

Its amazing how I played pretend online, posting videos of me ranting and playing around then switching up as soon as the camera was off my face. There’s a whole lot going down behind the scenes and I really hope some of you are realizing this now. Anyway, I haven’t visited that habit in a while and I don’t have plans to, anytime soon.

Anyway, today (because by the time you’ll be reading this post, it will be May 1st) I turn twenty two knowing that I have successfully gotten my parent to tell me to my face how irresponsible I have become and how disappointed he is in me, if he reads this, best believe that I would be shipped to Edo state to be delivered of this truancy.

I need to stop typing now, I’ve missed this so much and I’ll be back after my birthday to drop another blog post.

Thank you guys for sticking with me, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

Happy Birthday Osas

Happy birthday Irianele Virtuous Oselumese, you’re amazing.

Who Made The Rules?

Hello again, the people who read my posts on this blog. I really do hope that you’re doing great because I know I am. The last time I was here, I came to complain about not wanting to graduate because I was having pre-graduate life anxiety. Read here. This time, I’m here to tell you that I’m ready to graduate because this final year life is expensive and I cannot for the life of me, keep up anymore. Who made the rules that we had to splash a lot of money into final year activities anyway.

I need someone to explain what happened in 2019 because one minute, I was wishing you guys a Happy New Year and the now, I’m being told that its time to prepare for first term School fees for kids.

God have mercy.

Now playing: The voices in my head telling me that needles are painful and I’ll have to take them today at the medical center because I’m starting my medicals today.

Osas Irianele smiles while flaunting her colored hair and makeup

Happy Birthday Otunba Adebola Birch, send me money for cake dear.

Coming here to rant about not wanting to graduate yet because I was having pre-graduate anxiety was very satisfying but to be very honest, right now as I type this blog post, I’m ready to graduate. How can I explain  how I wake up everyday to pay for what I never ever bargain for. We can’t even escape buying textbooks at this very crucial stage because these lecturers will pull the “Buy my textbook if you want to graduate card” and relax knowing that we will buy them whether we like it or not.

Also, how do I explain that we’re allegedly in the eighth week, four weeks short to exam period and I have attended more events in school than I have attended classes this semester? Rumors about us having tests this week are even flying around but these people saw and approved of us organizing and attending these events. They even went as far as giving us lecture free week(s). The heart of man is desperately wicked and if you think that I’ll read the notes that I do not have just in case there are any tests then you’re absolutely right. If you also think that I’m going to carry my legs and walk to where I’ll spend money for final year activities that won’t last forever but will put a strain in my bank account then you’re absolutely right because this is one reckless financial decision that I’m ready to make. I accept responsibility.

One thing I’m very sure of is that I’ll feed on the likes and comments I’ll get after posting pictures from my final year activities because that’s the only way I see it.

Osas Irianele bares teeth in white attire in an attempt to look good for the camera

The unsolicited break I took off my blog had me learning more about wordpress, finding other blogs and reading the content on other blogs. I found a blog that does the work of a tech, lifestyle, gaming, general health and new world information blog. Click here to read all you need to know about tech.

Creator of the Techmeyor blog
Creator of the Techmeyor blog.

By the time you get to this part of the blog, I’ll probably be at medical center taking the nurses on a wild goose chase because I hate needles so if you hear that I got arrested for fighting off nurses violently, know that it was self defense.

See you in the comment section.






How to maintain your sanity during the last days of your final year in the University.

All of a sudden, I’m not in a hurry to graduate anymore.

Now playing: THE SEARCH ALBUM – NF as recommended by Asherkine and Themmie.

If you’ve been here with me from the very beginning, you’d know that I’ve always been making a lot of noise about wanting to graduate because I was tired and frustrated of school. Well, not anymore.

All of a sudden, I’m faced with a lot of what ifs because I realize that there’s a whole reality that I’m not ready to face in the outside world.

I’ve heard most people say that they experienced post-graduate depression but I’ve never heard anyone say they faced pre-graduate depression and it makes me wonder if this thing chose to start with me.

It now feels like four whole years ran by really fast and I have no idea how to slow down even though I know I’ll be the same person that will make a whole lot of noise about being a graduate, which I would do loudly because I would never pass on the opportunity to shut down Lagos.

It doesn’t even help that I’m still in my first paragraph of my chapter two because I don’t know what to write. The people that said writing project would be very easy because I’m a writer need to come and meet me in this boxing ring because I want to fight.

This NF can actually sing but I’m sure some of you already know that.

Anyway I’m just here to tell you that pre- graduate depression is an actual thing and to also let you know that before I leave the University of Lagos, I’ll be part of the team making history with the first CampusTechFest event at the University of Lagos. Never have I heard of an event where a fusion of tech and entertainment will be achieved but my dear friends – Kunbi Black and Steevane have decided to challenge the norm.

You know me now, I’ll be performing so register here.

You know I’d never leave this blog without asking for your opinions so please, engage me.









Review of some places I visited in Ibadan

Twenty one years in Lagos and I grew up believing that there was no life beyond Lagos until I decided to take the bold step and move beyond Lagos. Stay with me to the end as I have listed and reviewed some of the places I visited in Ibadan.

Now playing: swaggu by yusufkanbai

I overlooked my travel phobia and motion sickness and embarked on a two-hour evening trip to Ibadan, six days here and I have realized that Lagos is designed to shorten our lifespan. I searched for at least thirty minutes traffic in Ibadan so I’ll be assured that Lagos wasn’t totally running me mad but alas!!! No traffic.

Even the rain wasn’t half as aggressive here as it has been in Lagos.

I’m now in the very best position to tell my dear readers, most of who reside in Lagos to travel out of that city once in a while just to wind off and experience the peace that comes with not being stuck in traffic and eating amala undilutedly made with peace and love.

The kind of amala you’d enjoy without getting angry if you try to drag shaki with your teeth and it splashes soup into your eyes. That’s the kind of amala I’m talking about.


Don’t ask where Monday and Tuesday went because I slept all day on Tuesday.

If you feel the need to also be adventurous, please visit Bowers tower if you’re claustrophobic and experience what it’s like to be in a horror movie.

You can tell from the pain in my eyes that the journey that led to taking this picture was not funny. After eating that beautiful amala from Amala skye, my host decided that he was going to take me to bowers tower because he wanted me to be in touch with history. I honestly would have opted for sleep but I couldn’t resist not spending my host’s money so I agreed and so began the journey that took four of us to that tower. After climbing the hill and walking the long road that led to the tower, we finally made it into the compound where the tower stands only to find out that the stairs are really tiny and the flight up was quite long and slow. For every step I took, I said prayers that went like “God abeg, don’t let these walls close in on me, don’t let that door lock and don’t let these stairs give way under me. God, please I’m begging you, you know I don’t watch horror movies, don’t let me star in one.” I was the most scared than I had ever been in my life because the stairs were never ending.

We eventually made it up but my paranoid state refused to let my body calm down. The view was great, it was a 360 view of the whole city and I could have sworn I saw Unilag but I couldn’t afford to let my guard down because I didn’t trust the tower to not collapse.

The rest of the guys were making the most out of it and creating memories but not me because I just wanted to get to the ground again and when we did, I walked as fast as my legs could take me. I was laughed at but I preferred that, really.

I’m pretty sure that if my host says it from his point of view, you’d think we went to heaven because perspectives play very important roles in storytelling. It was that same day that WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were down so I visited the coldstone at bodija and compensated myself for the horror I had experienced earlier.


Thursday evening had me at the the arcade at Ventura mall.

We tried something that we ordinarily wouldn’t try in Lagos. We said “let’s go to the mall” ordered Taxify and got to the mall in less than ten minutes. I kept on saying “wow” because as a sane person in Lagos, even if you lived behind the mall, you had to make proper plans and leave your house hours before the stipulated time because traffic could build up unexpectedly in front of your gate.

Safe to say that I had fun without being worried that I was going to have to face traffic on my way back home. Life is good when you don’t end up spending half of your day in traffic and all your money on transport.


If you ever want to eat breakfast and get full, be sure to visit Oliver’s cafe. I was so sure before I saw the pancakes that I was going to ask for another round but halfway through the pancakes, my stomach was already acting full but I loosened my shorts and lived up to my nickname – baby elephant.

This breakfast knocked me out till 3pm.


I visited Agodi gardens. I’m never going there again.

My blogger friend – Yeychi picked me up later that afternoon and took me to ParisBakery and I kid you not, they had amala alongside their icecream and cake. If you looked closely, you’d also see rice and stew.


If you love pure sugar, please order anything from this bakery. I had never had problems finishing icecream until I tasted this one. Never again dear God.

If you ever need an affordable restaurant where you can go on dates, please start with cafe Chrystalis.


I’m in Lagos and I’m in tears because I entered Lagos and became unfresh. The best you people can do for me now is answer the following questions in the comment section.









See who decided to come back.

A month ago today, I dropped a blog post on my blog and I have since then struggled with dropping more posts, not because I’m a lazy blogger who deems it fit to drop blog posts whenever she likes but because my blog threw me off balance and requested that I got a Secured Socket Layer certificate.

I died and resurrected because these certificates don’t come cheap.

Being a blogger is a whole lot of work, I tell you.

I have the best web developer on earth. Campusstyle did everything possible to keep me calm and sane while they scurried round the web for a cheaper certificate.

Ladies and gentlemen, my blog is now premium because I paid money to be able to post and because I said so.

Now playing: the voice of reasoning in my head asking me to drop my phone and listen to my lecturer because this blog post can wait.

I’m typing this blog post under the table guys.

I missed everything about this blog but y’all missed four whole weeks of my dramatic life, you can catch up on most of them on my instagram page.

I’m back to this blog as a final year student who has finally gotten over every form of laziness to resume school. I have also come to realize painstakingly that my life would have to be on hold in order to survive this final year and the stress or I could decide to go through the stress of living my life as a student and as a hustler because man must whack.

It’s so hard to hear in this class without my glasses.

Don’t ask me how.

Eitherways, this is just a blog post to announce my return to the blog and to be sure that I’ve not lost any of you guys and to tell y’all that I came back single.

My lecturer just seized the phone of my course mate because it rang out, I’m typing with one eye on my screen and the other eye looking out.

Happy birthday to my health practitioner friend and an ardent reader of this blog. God bless you, Onye.

I’m done abeg.










Happy Valentine’s day in advance.

The whole world is taunting me right now but I’m a strong girl, this Valentine too shall pass.

Now playing: Yes, you can – Donnie Mcclurkin 1989.

This song actually made the whole of my childhood. No morning ever went by in our house without this song blasting from the DVD player, mainly because I was envious of the children that sang with him on stage and I always pictured myself amongst those kids.

The CD had to start skipping terribly before we stopped playing it but one thing I know is – Yes, I can do anything at all; well apart from watching people’s stories on Valentine’s day because that one, I cannot do!!!

Going to save myself the heartache.

This is actually one holiday I have never looked forward to because you people will disturb my timeline with red and white and extremely mushy things.

I went for the one party where I felt in control because of the theme – NO LOVE by Lynkupwithjameson, the one party where I felt like single people could triumph because of the theme but alas, I was to be disappointed because almost everyone found love at that party, all I managed to leave the party with was the fine pictures my friends took of me.

Don’t question me, please. I have headache.

Oh, Burna boy has a babe now, her name is Stefflondon. I feel bad for you bloody singles that were crushing on either him or his babe.

Jokes apart guys, after this whole valentine craze is over, I’d come back to the reality that ASUU has called off strike and I still didn’t get hostel in Unilag.

Your WCW would likely sleep on the streets of Akoka if she doesn’t get hostel, that’s not even the best part, my dear friends.

The best part is, I have been given my project topic and I cant even remember what it is even though I have to submit my proposal in April.

Me looking at my life in front of me like…


On the bright side, we’re all writing my project together. Thanks


I know that I can never be in this situation alone but let’s make my friend and I happy, click here to like this picture for us and tag two people to like on your way out.

I’m going to bed now but not without asking.