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Dear readers,

Initially, the thought of writing on this blog and posting on my birthday made me quite excited. I was going to routinely apologize for staying away for so long and ask that you people forgive me but honestly I’m way past that. That’s all I ever come here to write anyway.

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I know I’m not the only one that gets less excited about my birthday with each passing year. I used to look forward to my birthday till I turned twenty, the excitement started to die down from that age. This year, I had hoped that I would throw a little party with my friends seeing that I had my own apartment and I would be playing host. Guess who’s sitting on the edge of the bed writing a blog post on her laptop five hours to her birthday?

if you say me, then you’re definitely correct.

I got my first birthday present two days to my birthday. It was my father who had paid me a surprise visit standing on the other side of my room telling me how disappointed he was because I had chosen to go rogue. In context, going rogue is not going back to my father’s house in Epe after school and renting an apartment of my own because no man would ever be interested in a lady that doesn’t stay with her parents. In 2020. Oddly, I felt good knowing that I had disappointed a parent because it was my first time being told that he was disappointed in me. I wasn’t so much of the star child he had grown to raise and that made me feel good.

The past one year of my life has been gone from dramatic to extremely dramatic and back to dramatic. I remember crying outside my department after my supervisor had said she didn’t remember approving the topic I had chosen. I was in chapter three and frustrated with life, that was the plug that needed to be pulled for my tears to spill and now that I think about it, I should have held those tears till I got home.

I battled with extreme sadness for months. You know the kind of sadness where its evident that something or a lot of things were wrong with you? I woke up everyday wanting to stay in bed all day and cry myself back to sleep but I couldn’t because the friends I have would never let me. I got quite addicted to sadness and tears so much that I started looking for reasons to be sad so I would listen to sad music and cry. In between sad songs and tears, I would get dms from people talking about how sad and depressed they were and I would pause my sadness and tears to help others through theirs and resume after I was sure that they were fine. It felt like madness but life could get overwhelming at times and you would wish with everything in you that you could stop being an adult. This went on till March 2020, I stopped because my eyes were beginning to hurt too much from crying. I had to bring myself out of the pit of sadness I kept digging with the help of my beautiful friends.

Happy birthday osas
wall art by peniel art

Its amazing how I played pretend online, posting videos of me ranting and playing around then switching up as soon as the camera was off my face. There’s a whole lot going down behind the scenes and I really hope some of you are realizing this now. Anyway, I haven’t visited that habit in a while and I don’t have plans to, anytime soon.

Anyway, today (because by the time you’ll be reading this post, it will be May 1st) I turn twenty two knowing that I have successfully gotten my parent to tell me to my face how irresponsible I have become and how disappointed he is in me, if he reads this, best believe that I would be shipped to Edo state to be delivered of this truancy.

I need to stop typing now, I’ve missed this so much and I’ll be back after my birthday to drop another blog post.

Thank you guys for sticking with me, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

Happy Birthday Osas

Happy birthday Irianele Virtuous Oselumese, you’re amazing.

Who Made The Rules?

Hello again, the people who read my posts on this blog. I really do hope that you’re doing great because I know I am. The last time I was here, I came to complain about not wanting to graduate because I was having pre-graduate life anxiety. Read here. This time, I’m here to tell you that I’m ready to graduate because this final year life is expensive and I cannot for the life of me, keep up anymore. Who made the rules that we had to splash a lot of money into final year activities anyway.

I need someone to explain what happened in 2019 because one minute, I was wishing you guys a Happy New Year and the now, I’m being told that its time to prepare for first term School fees for kids.

God have mercy.

Now playing: The voices in my head telling me that needles are painful and I’ll have to take them today at the medical center because I’m starting my medicals today.

Osas Irianele smiles while flaunting her colored hair and makeup

Happy Birthday Otunba Adebola Birch, send me money for cake dear.

Coming here to rant about not wanting to graduate yet because I was having pre-graduate anxiety was very satisfying but to be very honest, right now as I type this blog post, I’m ready to graduate. How can I explain  how I wake up everyday to pay for what I never ever bargain for. We can’t even escape buying textbooks at this very crucial stage because these lecturers will pull the “Buy my textbook if you want to graduate card” and relax knowing that we will buy them whether we like it or not.

Also, how do I explain that we’re allegedly in the eighth week, four weeks short to exam period and I have attended more events in school than I have attended classes this semester? Rumors about us having tests this week are even flying around but these people saw and approved of us organizing and attending these events. They even went as far as giving us lecture free week(s). The heart of man is desperately wicked and if you think that I’ll read the notes that I do not have just in case there are any tests then you’re absolutely right. If you also think that I’m going to carry my legs and walk to where I’ll spend money for final year activities that won’t last forever but will put a strain in my bank account then you’re absolutely right because this is one reckless financial decision that I’m ready to make. I accept responsibility.

One thing I’m very sure of is that I’ll feed on the likes and comments I’ll get after posting pictures from my final year activities because that’s the only way I see it.

Osas Irianele bares teeth in white attire in an attempt to look good for the camera

The unsolicited break I took off my blog had me learning more about wordpress, finding other blogs and reading the content on other blogs. I found a blog that does the work of a tech, lifestyle, gaming, general health and new world information blog. Click here to read all you need to know about tech.

Creator of the Techmeyor blog
Creator of the Techmeyor blog.

By the time you get to this part of the blog, I’ll probably be at medical center taking the nurses on a wild goose chase because I hate needles so if you hear that I got arrested for fighting off nurses violently, know that it was self defense.

See you in the comment section.






Happy Valentine’s day in advance.

The whole world is taunting me right now but I’m a strong girl, this Valentine too shall pass.

Now playing: Yes, you can – Donnie Mcclurkin 1989.

This song actually made the whole of my childhood. No morning ever went by in our house without this song blasting from the DVD player, mainly because I was envious of the children that sang with him on stage and I always pictured myself amongst those kids.

The CD had to start skipping terribly before we stopped playing it but one thing I know is – Yes, I can do anything at all; well apart from watching people’s stories on Valentine’s day because that one, I cannot do!!!

Going to save myself the heartache.

This is actually one holiday I have never looked forward to because you people will disturb my timeline with red and white and extremely mushy things.

I went for the one party where I felt in control because of the theme – NO LOVE by Lynkupwithjameson, the one party where I felt like single people could triumph because of the theme but alas, I was to be disappointed because almost everyone found love at that party, all I managed to leave the party with was the fine pictures my friends took of me.

Don’t question me, please. I have headache.

Oh, Burna boy has a babe now, her name is Stefflondon. I feel bad for you bloody singles that were crushing on either him or his babe.

Jokes apart guys, after this whole valentine craze is over, I’d come back to the reality that ASUU has called off strike and I still didn’t get hostel in Unilag.

Your WCW would likely sleep on the streets of Akoka if she doesn’t get hostel, that’s not even the best part, my dear friends.

The best part is, I have been given my project topic and I cant even remember what it is even though I have to submit my proposal in April.

Me looking at my life in front of me like…


On the bright side, we’re all writing my project together. Thanks


I know that I can never be in this situation alone but let’s make my friend and I happy, click here to like this picture for us and tag two people to like on your way out.

I’m going to bed now but not without asking.









When the applause gets too loud…

If like me, you love to applaud yourself or be applauded by others after every step you take, you might want to invest your time in this post.

Now playing: Baby girl – Casper Nyovest (Bimbo sent this song to me to rope me into his lies but no dear, I’m not falling for it. I’m going back to my Jonathan McReynolds playlist when this song ends)

It is well known that as much as a lot of us try to put up the ‘idgaf’ show and the ‘your opinions don’t matter, I’m living my best life doing what I want’ appearance, we lowkey seek validation from certain people and when we get them, our brains go over the top.

Don’t even attempt to deny it.

What do you do when the applause gets too loud?

For most of us, when we achieve one small feat and we get a lot of appraisals telling us that it could only be us and nobody else, how that small feat is one milestone that should be celebrated beyond words and how nobody deserves us; we begin to actually feel like everyone is underserving of us and we have done something out of the ordinary. So what do we do next?

We relax.

Let me digress a little bit.

I met someone in 2014 and instantly became a big fan of him because not only was he my size, he was also from my state and was doing such great things in the East.

(I would mention names but I honestly don’t have strength for that)

2014, he was the one person that you could refer to as your mentor’s mentor because that was how good he was.

At every chance I got, I made sure that I reminded him about how great he was doing. A whole lot of other people publicly appraised him too. He was so good that when he came to see me in Lagos that year, a lot of people stopped him to say hi.

Eventually, we lost touch and reunited in 2017. It was a glorious meeting seeing that I was still a fan even though I had no idea if he was still keeping up the good work. People still hailed him sha.

We got closer and I realized that this young man still thought of himself as the person he was a few years ago.

A lot of people had met him at his pace and overtaken him, yet he still considered himself Lord over them.

There were days where he would say ‘this person learnt from me. I revolutionized this for these newcomers, they’re nothing without me.’ Those newcomers had gotten better and had physical evidence to show for it but he was still the same person he was in 2014, only older.

I had never seen someone who lived on past glory like this person and one day, I sat down to think about it and I realized that the applause kept getting louder and louder till his ego drowned in it and raised his shoulders too high.

He relaxed and waited for his past to speak for him while his predecessors kept working and making their present continuous do the talking.

Eventually, he became depressed and blamed everyone else but himself for his misfortune.

I tried to help, trust me.

This whole experience made me realize that praises could either choose to make or mar you, depending on how you take them.

I’ve been carried away by a lot of praises. Praises so loud that I stopped creating for a while to bask in the euphoria of the previous step I took but reality hit me when I also realized that your praise singers would move on to the next person who provides them value if you refuse to come down from your high horse and create.


So what do you do when the applause gets too loud?

⁃ You take it in and continue creating so they don’t stop applauding.

⁃ Don’t just be a one hit wonder. Keep making hits until it becomes a way of life for you.

⁃ Nobody ever survived on past glory so don’t for once think that past glory will feed you in this day and age.

⁃ Applaud yourself first after every milestone so that the applause of others doesn’t overwhelm you.

⁃ Get someone to guide you.







How to be a friend to your friends

Yes, you’ve heard it before and I’m saying it again.

Your friends are a reflection of who you are.

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Often times, I get a lot of flattering messages about my friends and I and how we take advantage of everything at our disposal to push and encourage each other. I beam with pride but then again, these things don’t happen in a day.

I have, over the past five years made friends who have either contributed to my life or taken from me.

No. Not money.


I’m not one to make a lot of friends even though I know a lot of people. Reasons being that:

• I don’t want to get poisoned, any way possible.

• I don’t like unnecessary stress.

• I hate unnecessary stress.

• I want to be around people that can help me grow even when I’m being lazy.

• I don’t like selfish people.

When I remember more reasons, I’ll post them on my Instagram.

These questions from TheCultureFit will be a guide as to how you and your friends can be strong off each other.

I’d be making a lot of personal references so forgive me.

How do I find friends to form my own squad?

This is quite tricky because I don’t think anybody gets into friendship with the aim of being a squad. It’s something that just happens along the line but if the long term plan is to be a squad and remain so, the trick is to find people of like minds but with different perspectives towards life because this would help broaden your thoughts and will teach you tolerance. You have to find out that it’s fine for everybody not to agree with your opinion and it will totally be fine, unless you want a squad that would constantly applaud your excesses and bow before you at your will.

For example, I have very creative friends with different talents, when we come together with the aim of brainstorming, that’s when we begin to understand why we’re friends.


How does everyone put the other person before themselves?

It’s a question of how selfless you can be. If you’re in that friendship to help each other grow, of course it would come easy. It’s a clear case of ‘If one person wins, we applaud the loudest’ because we are first proud to be friends with that person and we realize that our applause would motivate others to stand up and applaud. If one person does something bad, the rest of us cower our heads in shame so we’d also raise our heads up high while we carry each other on our shoulders knowing that a team player scored.

How do you all manage to hold each other down and protect your interests as a team?

The devil will not put us to shame in Jesus name. At this point, it just comes naturally because we’ve been through too much together to not hold each other down.

Behind the scenes, we fight a lot and attempt to break up because of one small mistake but of course every team has that one person that oversees as the elder, who would take out the time to talk sense into us one after the other.

We first imagine how our lives will be without each other and then how beautiful our lives would remain and improve with each other and we realize that it’s something we cannot lose, so we hug and kiss ourselves and renew our vows.

This works because I do not have toxic friends. I have friends who are willing to slap me from my daydream and bring me back to the reality of what I’m supposed to be doing to achieve my dreams.

That being said, if you have toxic friends, you’re punishing yourself.

How do you all bare yourselves out to each other without the fear of being judged.

This is where the trust factor comes into play because why do you have friends who would readily jump at the first opportunity to judge you?

We talk a lot and we all have our different roles to play individually.

I’m most definitely the last person anybody would come and meet to tell that they got drunk and fell into the gutter. I will laugh. A lot. Like a whole lot.

I’m also the very last person who’d accept that you’ve had your very first taste of alcohol because it takes me really long to process such information. I’ll just be living in denial but you can always come and meet me when you have issues pertaining to your mental, emotional and physical well being. I can die for you in these cases.

In very extreme cases where we now have to collectively bare ourselves to each other, we either do it physically or on the group chat and if you’re not going to help in any way, it’s best you just shut up because everybody will face you.

When you consider all being made the center of attraction in such situation, your head will become correct, you’d remove every form of judgement from your feelings.

How do you stay supporting each other 100%?

We have become so used to it now. A lot of times we don’t even give our 100% but because a lot of people that see us are fascinated by the idea of us as friends, they get to think that everything is rosy.

There are days that we slack, there are also days that we get selfish but we of course do not let it becloud our sense of reasoning.

We love each other first, we understand each other and we act like we’re all we’ve got, we annoy each other a lot, sometimes a little too much that it becomes baffling.

We correct each other in love and we try to keep each other on our toes because we’re moved by what we see so we ensure that we let the team see that there’s no room for slacking.

Sometimes we’re childish, but hey, we’re only humans after all.












Happy New Year Family💜

If you’re reading this, you made it into 2019.

Congratulations dear, there’s a reason you made it and I’m very sure it’s to fulfill the Glory of the Lord.

Of course, it’s the time of the year when everybody is high up in their emotions and of course appreciation and expectation messages have come in, I’ve gotten a fair share of my own appreciation messages and as much as I marvel about how well you people rate me, I’m really thankful for the grace to do these things I do. The best part is having you guys to do this for, y’all are an integral part of my life, really.

This blog is almost a year old and I came to the realization that I lived half of my life here through the narrations I provided and it’s funny now because most of you guys know more about me than I know about myself and you know by now that for the past three weeks, I’ve been on a positivity speaking spree and I’ve been trying to be less angry and I can beat my chest and say that I have progressed because I have.

I’m making this blog post the shortest you’ll ever see on this blog because I plan to start posting more than once a week and of course to give you to admire my new interface.

I’m so excited but you can’t tell because I’m typing this with a straight face even though I’m screaming inside. I’m fascinated at how beautiful this blog looks and I just want to fly out of my skin but there would be no one to write for you if I do.

This year is the year that everyone wants to make it by fire or by force and by hard work backed with prayers. EVERYONE.

We’re either getting it right this year or we’re not so while we feel that the month of January will last for four months, let’s also make sure that we’re making plans to work until we can afford everything we pray for.

⁃ Make resolutions while at it, give yourselves deadlines to accomplish those resolutions so you don’t end the year saying that resolutions are a scam.

⁃ Set goals and don’t limit God. Let your goals know that they’re not too big to be achieved.

⁃ Save a lot this year. If like me you’re a reckless spender, if you spend on icecream and data a lot, we’re the same thing but it doesn’t have to be that way this year. Save daily and set a weekly/monthly limit for yourself.

⁃ Make investments. Get a financial plan and a financial advisor that would guide you through the process of finance usage.

⁃ Stay busy. Gain skills, set up a business, take professional courses, watch a lot of videos that would improve your lives, make and maintain friends that would push you to be better but never stay idle.

⁃ Take that step you’ve always been afraid to take. Open that blog, open the vlog, start that podcast and make sure you hype it like your whole life depends on it.

⁃ Please, try not to be the subject of every social media negative drama so that when I’m talking about it on this blog, you won’t be angry.

I tried to keep this short and simple, I promise I tried. Happy new year guys💜