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Adulting: Losing friends you love.

I’m going to tell you this for free. Adult friendships are important and extremely beautiful if done with the right people.

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When I was younger, I dreamt of being an adult for the sole purpose of wanting to leave the house for work early in the morning, returning home late at night without being questioned, spend the weekend at the beach with my other adult friends, attend weddings and live my best life without being shouted at by my parents. All of these, I wanted from watching my neighbors do. Every time I saw them, I would lightly tell myself that I couldn’t wait to grow up.

Well, I’m grown now and let me tell you, I really want to be a child again, I’ll take being a teenager too if that’s on the table but adulting is hard. The only thing I’m doing on that list is living a life without being shouted at by my parent. spending the weekends at the beach is a façade because I’ll be lucky if I ever get the weekend off.

Losses as an adult carry more weight with each passing day. As a younger girl, it was easier to make friends because friendship wasn’t as deep. If your friend stepped on your toes, you would kick them off your friendship list and replace them the next day. I had friends like this in secondary school, we were four girls closely knitted and we often held auditions to determine who or what could become friends with us. Whenever we had issues, we would end up keeping malice for days till our parents intervened or keeping the kind of malice that would end the friendship. Somehow, one of us became classist to the rest of us because she moved out of the area to a bigger area and we didn’t even bother to address it, we just hurled insults at each other till we were tired and then four became three.

A few years later, one out of the three stopped talking to the two of us because she went to a bigger school and got a blackberry before us. It was going great until she told us that we were too poor to be hanging out with her, that’s not one thing a growing teenager wants to hear so we did the next best thing. We hurled insults at each other and moved on. We would later reconcile but as adults.

As an adult, losing friends like that would hurt like crazy, whether you’re losing them to the cold bloody hands of death or you’re losing them to the world, it hurts. Your chest is going to string tight and it might seem like you’re losing the air around you because somehow, someway, you’re losing a part of yourself too. Adult friendships are way deeper than they seem, it will have you baring your soul naked to your friends. You’d find yourself writing epistles or composing emails to your friends asking to hold them accountable for their wrong doings or facing them to confront the issues directly. How you all handle it might either put a strain on the friendship or strengthen it.  Adult friendships require actual commitments and intention so you find yourself treading carefully because the world is cold and their friendship keeps you really warm.

I have grown to value my friends like I value myself because I cannot afford to be reckless. enough to hurl insults or turn my back on my friends when they have the slightest shortcomings because I want to feel superior. Finding the friends I deserve is one of the perks of my adulting life I have come to cherish dearly and I do not take it for granted because we try to make adulting bearable for each other in this life of chaos by creating fun memories and living our best lives in our capacity. Adulting and friendships will teach you that its okay to make mistakes and its also normal to date the wrong people because your friends will be there when your eyes finally open and you come to the realization. There might be a number of “I told you so” but they will not leave you.

If you’re grown and you have friends who love you as much as you love them, hold them tight because friendship breakups hurt more than relationship breakups.

 Whether I’m at the beach on a weekday or I’m at YKB live singing my heart out whilst surrounded by genuine friends or I’m at the club dancing rubbish while my friends hype me up, what matters is that life is beautiful with the right ones.

In my next post, I’ll tell you about dating and heartbreaks. Until then, tell your friends how much you love them and be sure to share this post if you love it.


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LIFE UPDATE: everything is in shambles.

T/W: Nigeria as a whole.

Everything has gone to the pits. In my last post, I talked about being Nigerian and exhausted and from then till now, things have gotten worse. We have a problem on our hands and everybody seems to be moving on from it but it causes me a great deal of distress because I cannot seem to get past the fact that being able to afford basic foodstuff now means that you’re a king.

Tomatoes sold for 200 naira. 200 naira!!!

The very first time I noticed this pandemic was sometime in April, when I went out to buy Titus sardine and I was told that it was now sold for a whopping sum of four hundred and fifty Naira. It looked and felt like a joke to me because that thing went from being two hundred and fifty Naira to four hundred and fifty Naira with no in-betweens. I frowned all the way back home and poured out my frustrations on Ola immediately I got into the house.

I became terribly observant from that point and every time I went out of my house to buy foodstuff, at least one person was begging for a reduced price of a product because they couldn’t afford it. I made it a point of duty to pay off these little monies when I got the chance to but this wasn’t and is still not a sustainable venture because how long will I carry this on for?

I stepped out of my house yesterday and I attempted to price a tuber of yam just to see whether I would get lucky. Mind you, these tubers of yam are now short and dry. I asked for the price of one of these tubers and without mincing words or numbers, the seller said “Na one three”.

I’ve never dropped something faster than I dropped this tuber of yam. I really didn’t blame him at all, this is what we get when farmers have been displaced from their homes and farms and we’re left with what we manage to get.


The prices of foodstuff keeps skyrocketing, people are getting laid off work because companies can no longer afford to pay salaries, the ones who are still paying salaries are either reducing these salaries or paying the same amount they were paying years ago. It’s sad because the adverse effect of this development is that a lot of people are going to steal to be able to afford to eat. The streets of Lagos have now become so dangerous that every time I go out, I go out with my heart in my mouth because people are getting robbed everyday. It doesn’t help that Jide opened his eyes and thought it was a good idea to block major roads in the name of reconstructions thereby causing more traffic and giving traffic robbers more leverage to steal from commuters but of course, Twitter is our problem and the main focus of the ministers and the Attorney General.

I’m really angry that the government is doing everything to work against its citizens but yeah, we have the best jollof right? I’m angry because this is not the life I thought I’d have in my twenties, I didn’t imagine that I’d have to live my early twenties hoping that I don’t die by this country. I’m angry because before my very eyes, I watched fuel price move from 121 to 170 and right now, they’re proposing that it moves to 250. I’m angry because I feel helpless because this is beyond me.

The least I can do now is to try not to price foodstuff anyhow, leave the change for traders, no matter how small. Pay for someone’s meal every time I go out of my house and beg you people to please, register to get your voters card. Please, just click here to register.

Happy new month by the way, I hope I didn’t trigger you so much with this post.

I Do Not Enjoy Cooking

There! I finally said it, I do not enjoy cooking at all and I have come to terms with this.


I grew up in a home of six and it was customary that I always spent most of my time in the kitchen as the first born.

The very first time I entered the kitchen to cook, it was by force. My mother removed me from my room desk and told me that it was time for me to learn how to cook because I was growing up and it was customary for growing girls to learn how to cook, I didn’t dispute that. I followed her into the kitchen and I watched her cook. This went on for months till I finally got a hang of cooking, I began to cook alone for the whole family.

One evening, I almost burnt my parent’s room because I was panic-cooking in the kitchen (story for another day please, let’s focus on the topic for today) I do not remember a day in my life between age ten and seventeen that I wasn’t in the kitchen cooking, even when I would visit Benin for the holidays, the kitchen was my home and this was probably one of the reasons why I gained admission into the university and never entered the kitchen unless I wanted to greet someone in there. The hotplate my mother bought for me was intact for two years. I always found a way to have people cook for me or to buy food and to be fair, my mom still had her food shop in Unilag when I was in year one. Who said God is not good?

I had friends that enjoyed cooking in school so food was never a problem for me. I met Stylesenami, Ykbonly and Doyin in 2018 and gave them the impression that I could not cook. For two years, my friends believed I was a kitchen disaster and they were afraid I was going to burn the kitchen down so they never let me cook. I mean, I tried to tell them that I could, even though I was whispering this information but to be sincere, I did try. A for effort.


You see, living alone as an adult made me realize in full glare that cooking is a crazy burden. One morning, during the lockdown, I spent a little over an hour making pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages; I settled down to eat it and the plate was empty in less than five minutes. I sat on my bed naked with my stomach and face fallen in defeat and I had to come to terms with the fact that this type of life is not for me. How will I stay in the kitchen for hours and wolf down the food within five minutes?

It doesn’t even help that I might inhale the whole food and lose appetite to eat on some days.

As far as I’m concerned now, I only cook for survival and because I have no choice, not because of enjoyment. I still enjoy being cooked for and I still cook for my family when they’re over and for my friends too if I want to make myself feel good (I make a really wicked egusi soup though). So dear blog friends, if I ever invite you over, come with food or we’ll both drink water from my fridge.







Happy New Year – Resolutions for 2021.

Happy new year, my amazing readers, its another year to have new year resolutions that we may or may not see through. To a lot of people, its just another day or another year and to a whole lot of others, its a new beginning and another chance to either start over, improve and have resolutions they want to fulfil. I have always been one to see a new year as a new beginning but this time, I was too scared to have any hopes for 2021 because I didn’t want to jinx it.

I still have refused to look back and recount 2020 because I’m not ready for what it would do to me so I have decided to move on and look forward to 2021. I have decided that I’m going to have resolutions this year and hold myself accountable if I don’t fulfil them.

This year, most of my resolutions will be to:

  1. Be kinder to myself. Life is already hard enough, the least I can do is to not beat myself down every time I’m down.
  2. Be a better big sister to my siblings and a better friend to my friends.
  3. Start my own business, have multiple streams of income and make more money.
  4. Extend my writings to my blog. I wrote a whole lot last year but I refused to share them because I wasn’t feeling them after the first two reads.
  5. Work out more than I did last year.
  6. Grow my youtube channel and my blog.
  7. Teach more people about blogging.
  8. Meet more people at the business and enjoyment table.
  9. Stop shrinking myself and take more pictures of myself.
  10. Learn how to a drive. I have successfully mastered the art of driving people crazy, now I need to learn how to drive a car.

The rest of my resolutions can come up as the year goes by but for now, these are the ones I know of and of course this post would not be complete if I don’t ask questions.






December in Lagos?

I never really imagined that my comeback to this blog would have me coming here to say that I’ll be spending my December in Lagos’ NYSC orientation camp.

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It’s 3am and I’m currently in bed trying to force myself to finish this cute can of smirn off ice and I can tell you that I have stared at my call up letter for so long hoping it would disappear but alas, it’s still here. It didn’t even help that the letter came in while I was dressing to go on a date with this man, from that point forward, I behaved destabilized. I didn’t even wear my wig well because I was in shock.

Right now, I’m scared of the possibility of having to go through what my course-mates went through in camp. My group chat was filled with a lot of stories I cannot wrap my head around. Don’t get me started on the food I was seeing, please I’m begging you.

I leave for camp on Thursday, I was posted to Lagos, thankfully but that doesn’t still exonerate me from the stress and suffering the NYSC scheme has so glorified. It still also doesn’t make sense that NYSC felt the need to post people to the north knowing fully well that there is unrest in that region.
 Also, I need to repeat that it doesn’t make sense that we have to spend December in orientation camps.

Dear readers, just pray for me and other corpers. Jesus Christ didn’t get born for me to go and march unnecessarily in an orientation camp.
I’m really lightheaded, smirn off ice does to me what tequila does to some others.

I’m going to be stopping here for now. I need to keep thinking of how I’m going to avoid anything strenuous in that camp.

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There’s still a little bit of hope to hold on to.

Have you ever had a “God, shey me and you dey fight?” moment?


I’ll tell you for free that it’s not a pleasant one.

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I have avoided writing on this blog because I didn’t want my sadness to reflect but what’s the point of having a personal blog if I can’t pour myself into words.

The last few weeks has had me questioning everything because things seem to be working upside down from where I’m sitting. On my birthday, I made a post where I confidently wrote that my crying days were over but my tear glands didn’t get the memo because everyday since the death of Tina was announced, I have bawled my eyes out. Everyday.

Rest In Peace Tina Ezekwe.
Rest In Peace Uwa

I find myself crying at the slightest provocation because of how helpless I feel. Everyday since Tina’s death, a new rape case or unlawfully killing case has come up and I find myself struggling with living with the fear of not knowing if I’d be next and the fear of not knowing what I’m actually doing with my life. I recently tried to send mails to the people on my mailing list and because it wasn’t working as I wanted it to, I shut my laptop and started to cry. Is this not madness?

It’s insane how you could be on social media screaming “No means no” but in real life, street urchins are using both their hands and eyes to feast on your body before you even have the chance to say no. If you try to ‘reason with them’ and explain why what they’re doing is wrong, best believe that they’re narrating to their cohorts how soft your body is while marking the body of the next girl they plan to touch.

All of these coupled with personal struggles have made me question my sanity a lot of times. I’d sometimes sit on the floor with my belly lose and ask myself “na me be this?” because of how much I have to handle at once.

I have now mastered the art of skillfully avoiding giving people advice or talks to motivate them because it feels like I’m pouring from an empty cup. Saying “you’re going to be fine and everything is going to work out” when I don’t believe it myself seems hypocritical. I recently played around and found myself picking up interest in makeup and I discovered it was therapeutic for me, progressing from the worse to bad gave me a little bit of hope that something was still working in my life.

My first makeup attempt
My fourth makeup attempt

This doesn’t change the fact that I have let a lot doubts settle in. Doubting myself, my faith, God, my craft, my decisions, my journey, adulthood, my growth and a lot of other things have become my favorite past time. In total summary, I feel like a fraud.

Having to doubt God may or may not break you because He’s literally the first in your life and it feels like you’re disconnecting from the source. It felt that way for me but I couldn’t say this to anyone because I’d be looked at like I’m crazy. My friend had to say her story for me to open up to her because I finally found someone that could relate to what I was feeling about my faith in God at that moment.

We talked about it, we ranted , we complained and we decided that we were going to try to work towards trusting him. It’s not a day’s job and we plan to take it as slow as possible till we can get back on track.

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If like me, you’re going through what doesn’t feel normal to you, I really hope you find the strength to wade through it in one piece. I also hope that you also have a strong support system who would have your back as much as you’d have theirs.

Hopefully, we’d get through this.

Happy new month, love.







Dear readers,

Initially, the thought of writing on this blog and posting on my birthday made me quite excited. I was going to routinely apologize for staying away for so long and ask that you people forgive me but honestly I’m way past that. That’s all I ever come here to write anyway.

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I know I’m not the only one that gets less excited about my birthday with each passing year. I used to look forward to my birthday till I turned twenty, the excitement started to die down from that age. This year, I had hoped that I would throw a little party with my friends seeing that I had my own apartment and I would be playing host. Guess who’s sitting on the edge of the bed writing a blog post on her laptop five hours to her birthday?

if you say me, then you’re definitely correct.

I got my first birthday present two days to my birthday. It was my father who had paid me a surprise visit standing on the other side of my room telling me how disappointed he was because I had chosen to go rogue. In context, going rogue is not going back to my father’s house in Epe after school and renting an apartment of my own because no man would ever be interested in a lady that doesn’t stay with her parents. In 2020. Oddly, I felt good knowing that I had disappointed a parent because it was my first time being told that he was disappointed in me. I wasn’t so much of the star child he had grown to raise and that made me feel good.

The past one year of my life has been gone from dramatic to extremely dramatic and back to dramatic. I remember crying outside my department after my supervisor had said she didn’t remember approving the topic I had chosen. I was in chapter three and frustrated with life, that was the plug that needed to be pulled for my tears to spill and now that I think about it, I should have held those tears till I got home.

I battled with extreme sadness for months. You know the kind of sadness where its evident that something or a lot of things were wrong with you? I woke up everyday wanting to stay in bed all day and cry myself back to sleep but I couldn’t because the friends I have would never let me. I got quite addicted to sadness and tears so much that I started looking for reasons to be sad so I would listen to sad music and cry. In between sad songs and tears, I would get dms from people talking about how sad and depressed they were and I would pause my sadness and tears to help others through theirs and resume after I was sure that they were fine. It felt like madness but life could get overwhelming at times and you would wish with everything in you that you could stop being an adult. This went on till March 2020, I stopped because my eyes were beginning to hurt too much from crying. I had to bring myself out of the pit of sadness I kept digging with the help of my beautiful friends.

Happy birthday osas
wall art by peniel art

Its amazing how I played pretend online, posting videos of me ranting and playing around then switching up as soon as the camera was off my face. There’s a whole lot going down behind the scenes and I really hope some of you are realizing this now. Anyway, I haven’t visited that habit in a while and I don’t have plans to, anytime soon.

Anyway, today (because by the time you’ll be reading this post, it will be May 1st) I turn twenty two knowing that I have successfully gotten my parent to tell me to my face how irresponsible I have become and how disappointed he is in me, if he reads this, best believe that I would be shipped to Edo state to be delivered of this truancy.

I need to stop typing now, I’ve missed this so much and I’ll be back after my birthday to drop another blog post.

Thank you guys for sticking with me, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

Happy Birthday Osas

Happy birthday Irianele Virtuous Oselumese, you’re amazing.

Who Made The Rules?

Hello again, the people who read my posts on this blog. I really do hope that you’re doing great because I know I am. The last time I was here, I came to complain about not wanting to graduate because I was having pre-graduate life anxiety. Read here. This time, I’m here to tell you that I’m ready to graduate because this final year life is expensive and I cannot for the life of me, keep up anymore. Who made the rules that we had to splash a lot of money into final year activities anyway.

I need someone to explain what happened in 2019 because one minute, I was wishing you guys a Happy New Year and the now, I’m being told that its time to prepare for first term School fees for kids.

God have mercy.

Now playing: The voices in my head telling me that needles are painful and I’ll have to take them today at the medical center because I’m starting my medicals today.

Osas Irianele smiles while flaunting her colored hair and makeup

Happy Birthday Otunba Adebola Birch, send me money for cake dear.

Coming here to rant about not wanting to graduate yet because I was having pre-graduate anxiety was very satisfying but to be very honest, right now as I type this blog post, I’m ready to graduate. How can I explain  how I wake up everyday to pay for what I never ever bargain for. We can’t even escape buying textbooks at this very crucial stage because these lecturers will pull the “Buy my textbook if you want to graduate card” and relax knowing that we will buy them whether we like it or not.

Also, how do I explain that we’re allegedly in the eighth week, four weeks short to exam period and I have attended more events in school than I have attended classes this semester? Rumors about us having tests this week are even flying around but these people saw and approved of us organizing and attending these events. They even went as far as giving us lecture free week(s). The heart of man is desperately wicked and if you think that I’ll read the notes that I do not have just in case there are any tests then you’re absolutely right. If you also think that I’m going to carry my legs and walk to where I’ll spend money for final year activities that won’t last forever but will put a strain in my bank account then you’re absolutely right because this is one reckless financial decision that I’m ready to make. I accept responsibility.

One thing I’m very sure of is that I’ll feed on the likes and comments I’ll get after posting pictures from my final year activities because that’s the only way I see it.

Osas Irianele bares teeth in white attire in an attempt to look good for the camera

The unsolicited break I took off my blog had me learning more about wordpress, finding other blogs and reading the content on other blogs. I found a blog that does the work of a tech, lifestyle, gaming, general health and new world information blog. Click here to read all you need to know about tech.

Creator of the Techmeyor blog
Creator of the Techmeyor blog.

By the time you get to this part of the blog, I’ll probably be at medical center taking the nurses on a wild goose chase because I hate needles so if you hear that I got arrested for fighting off nurses violently, know that it was self defense.

See you in the comment section.