LIFE UPDATE: everything is in shambles.

T/W: Nigeria as a whole.

Everything has gone to the pits. In my last post, I talked about being Nigerian and exhausted and from then till now, things have gotten worse. We have a problem on our hands and everybody seems to be moving on from it but it causes me a great deal of distress because I cannot seem to get past the fact that being able to afford basic foodstuff now means that you’re a king.

Tomatoes sold for 200 naira. 200 naira!!!

The very first time I noticed this pandemic was sometime in April, when I went out to buy Titus sardine and I was told that it was now sold for a whopping sum of four hundred and fifty Naira. It looked and felt like a joke to me because that thing went from being two hundred and fifty Naira to four hundred and fifty Naira with no in-betweens. I frowned all the way back home and poured out my frustrations on Ola immediately I got into the house.

I became terribly observant from that point and every time I went out of my house to buy foodstuff, at least one person was begging for a reduced price of a product because they couldn’t afford it. I made it a point of duty to pay off these little monies when I got the chance to but this wasn’t and is still not a sustainable venture because how long will I carry this on for?

I stepped out of my house yesterday and I attempted to price a tuber of yam just to see whether I would get lucky. Mind you, these tubers of yam are now short and dry. I asked for the price of one of these tubers and without mincing words or numbers, the seller said “Na one three”.

I’ve never dropped something faster than I dropped this tuber of yam. I really didn’t blame him at all, this is what we get when farmers have been displaced from their homes and farms and we’re left with what we manage to get.


The prices of foodstuff keeps skyrocketing, people are getting laid off work because companies can no longer afford to pay salaries, the ones who are still paying salaries are either reducing these salaries or paying the same amount they were paying years ago. It’s sad because the adverse effect of this development is that a lot of people are going to steal to be able to afford to eat. The streets of Lagos have now become so dangerous that every time I go out, I go out with my heart in my mouth because people are getting robbed everyday. It doesn’t help that Jide opened his eyes and thought it was a good idea to block major roads in the name of reconstructions thereby causing more traffic and giving traffic robbers more leverage to steal from commuters but of course, Twitter is our problem and the main focus of the ministers and the Attorney General.

I’m really angry that the government is doing everything to work against its citizens but yeah, we have the best jollof right? I’m angry because this is not the life I thought I’d have in my twenties, I didn’t imagine that I’d have to live my early twenties hoping that I don’t die by this country. I’m angry because before my very eyes, I watched fuel price move from 121 to 170 and right now, they’re proposing that it moves to 250. I’m angry because I feel helpless because this is beyond me.

The least I can do now is to try not to price foodstuff anyhow, leave the change for traders, no matter how small. Pay for someone’s meal every time I go out of my house and beg you people to please, register to get your voters card. Please, just click here to register.

Happy new month by the way, I hope I didn’t trigger you so much with this post.

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  1. OA July 1, 2021 at 3:10 pm

    You’ll be hearing from my lawyers bro.

  2. Glory Oyewale July 1, 2021 at 3:16 pm

    hmmmmmm….Nigeria is getting so tiring and legit everything is looking so fucked up tho but we thank God even in the midst of all these…..we will definitely sirvive

  3. Olajumoke Akinrolabu July 1, 2021 at 11:52 pm

    Nice pieceI think what’s most painful like you said is the fact that no matter how worried or pained I feel I feel helpless.

    Cried today asking God why He created all of this just for the world to be filled with so much pain, suffering and hurt. I know there’s fun but what’s the point of it all if there are so many people suffering in the world.

    Before I turn comment section to blog post, let me carry myself and go. But lovely piece again

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