When the applause gets too loud…


If like me, you love to applaud yourself or be applauded by others after every step you take, you might want to invest your time in this post.

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It is well known that as much as a lot of us try to put up the ‘idgaf’ show and the ‘your opinions don’t matter, I’m living my best life doing what I want’ appearance, we lowkey seek validation from certain people and when we get them, our brains go over the top.

Don’t even attempt to deny it.

What do you do when the applause gets too loud?

For most of us, when we achieve one small feat and we get a lot of appraisals telling us that it could only be us and nobody else, how that small feat is one milestone that should be celebrated beyond words and how nobody deserves us; we begin to actually feel like everyone is underserving of us and we have done something out of the ordinary. So what do we do next?

We relax.

Let me digress a little bit.

I met someone in 2014 and instantly became a big fan of him because not only was he my size, he was also from my state and was doing such great things in the East.

(I would mention names but I honestly don’t have strength for that)

2014, he was the one person that you could refer to as your mentor’s mentor because that was how good he was.

At every chance I got, I made sure that I reminded him about how great he was doing. A whole lot of other people publicly appraised him too. He was so good that when he came to see me in Lagos that year, a lot of people stopped him to say hi.

Eventually, we lost touch and reunited in 2017. It was a glorious meeting seeing that I was still a fan even though I had no idea if he was still keeping up the good work. People still hailed him sha.

We got closer and I realized that this young man still thought of himself as the person he was a few years ago.

A lot of people had met him at his pace and overtaken him, yet he still considered himself Lord over them.

There were days where he would say ‘this person learnt from me. I revolutionized this for these newcomers, they’re nothing without me.’ Those newcomers had gotten better and had physical evidence to show for it but he was still the same person he was in 2014, only older.

I had never seen someone who lived on past glory like this person and one day, I sat down to think about it and I realized that the applause kept getting louder and louder till his ego drowned in it and raised his shoulders too high.

He relaxed and waited for his past to speak for him while his predecessors kept working and making their present continuous do the talking.

Eventually, he became depressed and blamed everyone else but himself for his misfortune.

I tried to help, trust me.

This whole experience made me realize that praises could either choose to make or mar you, depending on how you take them.

I’ve been carried away by a lot of praises. Praises so loud that I stopped creating for a while to bask in the euphoria of the previous step I took but reality hit me when I also realized that your praise singers would move on to the next person who provides them value if you refuse to come down from your high horse and create.

So what do you do when the applause gets too loud?

⁃ You take it in and continue creating so they don’t stop applauding.

⁃ Don’t just be a one hit wonder. Keep making hits until it becomes a way of life for you.

⁃ Nobody ever survived on past glory so don’t for once think that past glory will feed you in this day and age.

⁃ Applaud yourself first after every milestone so that the applause of others doesn’t overwhelm you.

⁃ Get someone to guide you.





  1. Lmaoooooo. Sub caught on behalf of the subbed!!!! Anyhoo, each time I achieve a feat and I get applauded, a voice in my head convinces me that I didn’t do so great. It tells me a lot of nasty things that are not good for my mental health in any way, but I’m glad it’s there because it keeps me in check. Nothing ever gets to my head. I think making this blog post was very necessary, because people need to know that the moment applauses start getting too loud, that is the beginning of a journey into a bottomless pit.

    • Please that voice in your head needs to go, Feezah.
      The voice tells you a lot of nonsense that I personally don’t like. That voice has slowly matured into a hater

  2. Sub caught o! I hope the subbed gets to read this and actually put in work. God bless you Osas. (Quietly applauding you so your forehead doesn’t pop)

  3. I never feel like I’m doing enough regardless of whatever praise im getting from anyone.. I really don’t know if that’s a good thing.

    • I think if you the change your focus from creating to doing it for people and the appraisal that would suit you, then that when it’s a problem. It happened to me as well, I forgot the reason I started design and lost respect for the process, started to focus on the destination instead of the journey, this came with a lot of unnecessary pressure. Still finding my way back to the route shaaa

  4. Ha early in the morning , I feel attacked. 💔. Sha, I try my best not to allow the praises get to my head cos I understand that CONSISTENCY isn’t the key to success .

    God safe us.

  5. This is very relatable. What about a situation where you are not even doing anything but they keep applauding you? Your life seems enviable and you are not even putting any effort. At first, I started to feel myself but luckily I got to talk to someone and I found what’s key in all he told me. He said the applause should push me more because I don’t want to end up been casted on the run, I have to put more efforts so they never stop. Obviously I don’t want to end up being a “she used to be….” person, I want to remain an exemplary being as long as I live. I have to keep pushing, right? Yes!

    • Please never let anybody clap for you when you’re idle. They either encourage you subtly or they push you to do something.
      If it gets into your head, it might take time to get out

  6. When I started writing on wordpress, I would get so much hype from people and they started to get into my head. They ask me when I don’t even post on time. Thank God for the bloggers around that still keeps my head straight. What’s up? I’m just a free wordpress user, i am not making from this yet, i’ve not even gotten a large number to the blog

  7. This post is not relatable or applicable to me . But this is a great post that so many people needs to learn from . Thanks osas for being amazing and teaching people out there ❤️👏

  8. This is so true, it affected me one time in my studies…
    It gives room for laziness when it should actually be a motivation for the next one…
    Good one Osas, its my first time reading your blog…
    You write relatable stuffs….

  9. This is so relatable😥 Anytime I get applauded, I voice in my head keeps telling me that I didn’t do so well and I also have to strive to be better.
    Thank you for this OSAS💜

  10. Everytime i get applauded or appreciated for doing something, I feel i didn’t do so well, that feeling is always there, so i tend to do better despite the cheers and all that stuff.
    On a low ehnn, i feel attacked 😂💔

  11. Honestly this post is for me😭😭😭
    Only recently did I gain so much confident in myself enough to appreciate my person and work.

    Thank you for this post KING💛❤️❤️

  12. This message is really useful. There’s no day you don’t make sense and I’m proud of myself that I know you. 💖💖💖💝💝

  13. This is very relatable,a lot of people need to hear this.
    We have to give ourselves credit and also have in mind that our peak is the least someone has done.Thank you for being very consistent ❤️

  14. This made a lot of sense though. Pride comes before the fall. Don’t let every praise you get from people get to your head. They are flatters everywhere. Know that God is the lifter of your head and resists the proud but elevates the humble.

  15. Omg!!! This post is actually what I need at the moment…. It’s so easy for people to relax when they hit ….without consistency its also easy for people to move on to the next thing that brings them excitement when the old one decides to relent..

  16. Great write up as usual.
    Hopefully the SUBBed catches it and strive to do better, create more and stop leaving on ‘Past Glory’ like Nigeria. Thank you for putting someone needed to see this.

  17. I relate with this a lot and I must confess I still don’t know if I have gotten over it. I know I am not still basking in past glory though. But it feels like I am starting again. Thanks for this post.

  18. I feel personally attacked lmaooo. I love and hate words of affirmation. I love them because, well, who doesn’t? i hate them because they always always get to my head and I start reclining feeling like I’ve “arrived”. I did not realize how much of an issue it is until I read this. Beautiful piece💚

  19. I feel personally attacked lmaooo. I love and hate words of affirmation. I love them because, well, who doesn’t? i hate them because they always always get to my head and I start reclining feeling like I’ve “arrived”. I did not realize how much of an issue it is until I read this. Beautiful piece💚

  20. Good one, Osas!

    I believe we all have a scale in our lives and it’s just how we choose to balance things. While some of us are push to the extreme edge of creativity when applauded, some of us would rather have rest on our oars.

    And sometimes, it’s not entirely about life and success. In varying areas of life, we gotta make these decisions.

    Personally, I live both ways. ❤❤

  21. I feel so guilty right now. This explains why my spirit didn’t open this blog post when I saw it some days ago. And now I’ve finally read it, I’ve caught my sub and I’m off to work. I let one or two “the world is not ready for you” make me sit down and relax waiting for the world to notice me without even trying 😭😭. This was a great read, thanks Osas.

  22. This is the first time I’m reading your blog post…I love you already…learnt some lessons too….Osas, I ain’t missing the next post….lemme goan read the previous posts


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