How are you, really?


I’m too high up in my emotions so I can hardly process what it is I’m writing. I doubt I’ll even proofread this post.

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Congratulations to our Nigerian Super Eagles that didn’t fail to beat Iceland to water last week, these guys made an entire nation come together as one to celebrate. We hope to get a chance to do it again today as we play against Argentina. We love you guys.

Let’s talk about SARS.

On Saturday night, my friends and I were going for an event on the island and we stopped to buy fuel at conoil around Jibowu – under bridge. We had bought our fuel and were about to drive out of the fueling station when a sienna otherwise known as a space bus with no plate number stopped in front of us.

“Everybody come down” one of them said to us as they all began to come out of their own space bus. We lost count of how many people came out of the bus as we began to alight from our own vehicle.

With the way they dressed and brandished their guns, you would think they were highway robbers.

“Search all of them” someone ordered.

They began to search all of us one after the other, searching our bags and purses and asking that we submit our breast pockets and trouser pockets for searching. All of these we did quietly and watched as they were disappointed at the outcome of their searches because to begin with, none of us had any visible cash on us.

They went ahead to search the car upside down for whatever it was they put there, we were very careful not to let them plant anything inside the car.

They must have searched that car ten times because they were so keen on finding what it was that led them there.

When they stepped away from us for a while, I went to twitter to drop this

Segalink who has over the past few months proven to be voice of the youths was awake, fortunately for all of us. Our dear SARS officials who were already getting physically frustrated at not being able to pin anything on us got angrier when they realized that it was a lady that was driving the car and the two males with us had their ID cards intact. We were born ready on this night.

They tried and said everything in their power to make at least one of us angry, from calling us a prostitution ring to referring to us as children being trafficked, we took everything because we were not going to risk being in a verbal battle with armed men in the middle of nowhere in the dead of the night.

I, of course did what I knew how to do best – I made jokes out of the situation to ensure that my friends were not tensed and updated everyone on my whatsapp about what was happening. By the time they finally let us go, we were shaken but grateful to God that there was no trigger-happy uniformed man among those ones.

Because imagine such a beauty being harassed by SARS. Tragic!!

Let’s also all thank the Lord for his infinite mercies because they are new every morning. Brethren, men and women on this blog, I did not sleep at an overnight event. My eyes did not bother to close that night. We’re making progress.

Anyway, Sunday came and it was beautiful until the news of Daniel’s death filtered round the internet. I just sat down wondering why a one year old boy had to die when it was reported that a family lost two of their kids to a fire incident. I have never lost a child before but I was hit deep down in my soul, no parent should ever go through the pain of losing a child to the cold hands of death.

RIP to these young souls, may God be with the respective families in this trying times.

Barely a week after a trailer fell at ojuelegba with the Lagos state government sweeping it under the rug, we get the news of the heartless killings in Plateau and we cannot help but wonder what our government is doing about this situation.

We need explanations that come with actions please.

That a particular set of people decide for take 85 human lives because their cows were stolen speaks a whole lot about us and how devalued our lives in this country are.

Your president will not put his mouth in this one now because it doesn’t involve lifestyle and travel blogging, 2019 is almost here, don’t worry sir.

All these deaths set me off and I became withdrawn, knowing that a lot of people are going through stuff and would refuse to talk because they know and feel like others are going through worse. I decided to ask all of my friends the ‘How are you, really?’ question and they all gave me their default answer ‘I’m fine’. After deep conversations with most of my friends, I realized that nobody is really fine on this earth. We’ve gotten so used to the ‘las las, we go dey alright’ phrase that we usually even forget to be alright. Some of us pretend to be alright because that is what is expected of us, we don’t mind. We just hope that when we break down, you’ll be here to carry us up. Some others have resorted to using drugs to suppress their emotions. I stand against using drugs and other substances as your last resort because I want everyone to be mentally aware which is why we have to be at this event on Wednesday to learn about the dangers of drugs and their vices.

We already have enough problems, let’s not add uncontrollable drinking, smoking and substance taking to the problems.








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  1. 53vn June 26, 2018 at 3:11 am

    I was the first to like today o….as per husband to be duties

  2. 53vn June 26, 2018 at 3:16 am

    This country is really becoming something else, lack of safety from those meant to protect us, terrorists empowered by the government, youth taking drugs that cause depression to fight depression, tbh, it just goes a long way as a wake up call for us to reevaluate our values and what we hold dear, we have made a lot of mistakes as a nation and the hypocrisy and pretense that is so deep rooted in our existence and has been existing since generations past is now coming to haunt us…the problem I can see here is that we do not see ourselves as one countryx we see ourselves as one part of the country, there is no synergy, no cohesion, everybody just wants to cheat the next person, like crabs in a bucket….none ever gets out, they all pull each other down….let\’s help each other and be there for our brothers and sisters, even of other tribes, and in a few years, we would have been able to cleanse this nation of its sickness.

    1. osas June 26, 2018 at 3:29 am

      This is a lot to take in considering that this is a whole new language to my blog post up there. I\’m really grateful that one out of many youths recognizes what is wrong with this country and is offering solutions to our problems. Hopefully, our one step at a time situation doesn\’t kill us before we get to the finish line

  3. Ololade June 26, 2018 at 3:54 am

    Hmmm, nobody is really fine, we just use power to cover everything. About the SARS issue, if there\’s one reason I am happy I\’m not in Nigeria it\’s SARS, I\’ve never been stopped by them before ooo but I had an experience. I was not way to school, Unilag (I was still in Nigeria), there was this guy beside me in the bus, as soon as he cited them afar off the guy had to give me his phone to hold for him till we passed them, it wasn\’t funny. Many of my friends have also been stooped by them, it wasn\’t funny at all, let\’s just hope that our government dies something before things become worse than they are. Great job wifey ❤❤❤

    1. osas June 26, 2018 at 12:06 pm

      Please can I come and join you where you are?

  4. Zahra ✨ June 26, 2018 at 4:26 am

    Osas, how are you really?

    1. osas June 26, 2018 at 12:06 pm

      I\’m tired and I want to leave this country

  5. Edwin June 26, 2018 at 5:16 am

    SARS the highway robbers with this.

    As much as I condole with the family of D\’banj over Daniel\’s death, I\’m angry.
    Yesterday, at the office, my boss showed me someone\’s comment to a post by D\’banj from 5 weeks ago. In the IG video, D\’banj and Daniel are walking by the pool, and the comments advises D\’banj to be careful – seeing as the pool in indoors.
    5 weeks later, and Daniel drowns in the same pool.

    We\’ll, God knows best

  6. Yusuf June 26, 2018 at 6:09 am

    I’m just wondering how long we can keep this #ENDSARS thing going on till they listen to us.

    1. osas June 26, 2018 at 12:05 pm

      Will the ever listen to us?

  7. Kingmuminat June 26, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Thank God for your life and that of your friends. Our country is almost a big joke. My heart broke at the news of the killings in plateau. The news of Dbanj\’s son et al. I was even more heart broken by the disheartening comments on Instablog9ja about the news of the death of the youngin. It is easy to judge and call the parents of that kid \”careless\” because most of those fucktards haven\’t really parented a kid. Whatsoever happened to sensitivity?? A lot of people lack it, or should we say they are just terribly stupid?? A little \”sorry for you loss\” wouldn\’t have killed you. I\’m done with Nigerians. I hope we win the match against Argentina today sha.

    1. osas June 26, 2018 at 12:01 pm

      My dear. The internet has given a lot of people mind.
      We\’re rooting for our boys today

  8. The Men June 26, 2018 at 11:53 am

    I\’ll leave the SARS kini and talk about the mental awareness programme. I kuku want to go. I mean, it could help both ways.

    And To PMB; he doesn\’t deserve his name being spelled out. Next Year May 29th. We\’d be dancing our way to the airport to send you back to Katsina. Or prolly Jos! Hear the sounds of gunshots. Sheybi you\’re a General; you may have missed it. And if you bring your head they can put the lead material through it.

    Nice work Baby!!

  9. osas June 26, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    I\’m telling you!! This just is as bad as it can get because what the hell? We don\’t deserve all these brutality, not from the animals, not from the forces. We didn\’t ask to be Nigerians now

  10. StyleSenami June 26, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    I’m fine,I’ve gotten my pvc, I don’t think I’m mentally okay with the way this country is even going.May God in his infinite mercies continue to punish SARS alongside Buhari. The past few weeks has been really sad for most people due to news of death everywhere. May God keep us and our loved ones and may the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace.

    1. osas June 26, 2018 at 12:34 pm

      Amen o. Big punish

  11. Bolatito June 26, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    I don\’t think I am mentally okay with the way Nigeria is going. The past few days have been hell, we don\’t value human lives in this part of the world. May the Lord console DBanj’s family and grant them the fortitude to bear this unfortunate loss. So sad.
    And also the families of the Plateau victims.
    Come 2019, Let\’s do the right thing.

  12. osas July 14, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    This comment makes me happy

  13. Unknown August 8, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    Said i was going to check out your blog one of these days but i just keep forgetting whenever i am in the office….Anyways i\’m not fine at all osas..i am not i swear,,Each day that pass i just feel like killing myself or disappearing entirely or something else. Okay,it all started last year,after my dad\’s kidnap and after balling out a lot of money to release him,then came the financial crisis,everything just dwindled so fast..i went into depression for 2 months plus..During the 2 months,everything changed within me,became cold towards everything and everyone..mood swings and all..all the signs of depression sha till i confided in a friend that helped me out of was difficult but i pulled through,then came the poor grades..from a 2;1,i dropped to a third class..was removed from my dream course cos of the gp and poor grades…it was like asif my life had ended..after wasting 2 yrs before,now the course i\’ve been pursuing,i was thrown out? Just wanted to hurt myself or do something to make me disappear.had to go to another course,was determined to do better and make up for my 1st yr cgpa…read like a mumu,did assignments and everything like asif nooo na me be the only serious student for the school..exams?was so confident of was easy to me only to see my cgpa after the session…(believe me,it was at this point i just screamed that God should take me)A fucking 3;1!!! long story cut short,my father has disowned me(i didnt get pregnant for anyone ),acts like i\’m invisible in the house..only my mum gives me the attention.(.but i feel her pain too she is also tired but just doing her motherly role),IT i\’m doing..they have refused to pay us for 3 months and they still expect us to be punctual at work despite the bad traffic and bad roads.boss will shout at you thereby demoralizing your thinking..overwork you and still give you nothing..the little my mum gives me for transport,i cant even say let me scrape out small for funding of my business cos if i do that i will trek from apapa to surulere..(thinking of starting a business…but no funds,no good phone to even sell my market or build connections..using a friend\’s phone to even send is just frustrating me rn…school resumes in a month and my father that has disowned me isnt even thinking or bothered about it,he has paid my siblings own and refused to pay mine despite pleas from aunts and mum,will just be a dropout like this…all thanks to NIGERIA fucked up system and the leaders…cos to him,i have failed him and his expectations..therefore there is no need wasting money on my head..(but what they dont know is i have a lot of problems on my mind ..i want to kill myself abeg!i am just tired of life…Sometimes i resort to sleeping(to forget the problems) or being in a lively company of friends but all these is just for a while(i.m actually dying inside day by day…would feel like screaming most of the time but i cant ,will just start crying then stop and go online to check for things that can distract my mind..but how long will i continue to do this?I just need a THERAPIST or someone i can talk to deeply about everything..(because what i just told you is just 1% of everything). i am tired…i want to commit suicide,been contemplating it but its just the pain of my mum and everyone that hears it i\’m thinking of.. JUST TIRED!


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