The Assistant

She pinched herself for the third time as she stared at him, he was
the cutest creature she had ever come across. Bent over his desk with
his head over some paper works, she had a better view of his head,
nicely cut and curled, with his beards cleanly shaved. She was in
love. She picked up her pocket mirror and checked her make up, it was
still in place, she smiled as she did some little adjustments with her
bra, pushing it up with so much gusto and smiled as she got the
required results.
     She catwalked into his office with so much confidence  and
smiled. ‘Hi, I’m…’
‘Tricia Campbell’ he interrupted without looking up from his paper work.
 This was going to be too easy, she thought. Soon she’d have him
wrapped around her fingers.
‘Will be working for me’ he cut in, this time looking up at her
‘you’re my new assistant, you now work for me’ he said unsmiling.
    Whaaaaaaaatttttttt!!!!! Her head screamed. She was going to work
for him? He was going to be her boss?
‘O…oh…ok, I just got in and….’ She didn’t know what to say, she
needed to stammer her way out of his office. She really needed to
breath, this was not what she was expecting.
‘You decided to flirt with me using your eyes? Lady, have you found
your office yet? No? And you came in here to exchange pleasantries? Is
that how you do things? Do you think this is Britain?’ He asked with
so much bossiness he could find.
Shock registered on her face as she listened to everything he said.
She searched his desk for a name, any name. She saw his name
emboldened on his desk, she began to regret coming back to Nigeria,
‘errm… Michael Ajayi…’
    ‘Mr Michael Ajayi to you little british girl’, he emphasised, ‘I’m
your boss and you really need to find your office and fit in here, we
have a lot of work to do’ he said with a tone of authority.
   She turned to leave without a word, he looked at her retreating
figure with so much lust, how he was able to put himself together was
a testimony. She was so endowed; those cleavages almost had him. Her
backside had him in cloud9, she was too beautiful to be true. He knew
she was falling for him too, it was obvious. He had caught her eyes
roving around him minutes before she entered. His friends had to hear
about this new girl, she was just too beautiful.
    He licked his lips hungrily. He was going to sleep with this new
assistant. Again.

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  1. Afrika July 6, 2015 at 8:52 pm

    Virty baby, u ar trying … If am bck in lasgidi,i nid to c u \’very important \’

  2. Bayowilson July 11, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    Never knew you were this brilliant. Hmm,

  3. tomisin October 31, 2015 at 9:51 am

    Osas baby….nyc one….kip it up girl….


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