Osas Irianele

Writer & Story Teller

Email: veelegendary@gmail.com
Instagram: Osastheking
Twitter: osastheking


My name is Osas Irianele, a self acclaimed serious student (my seriousness is relative) of the department of mass communication at the prestigious University of Lagos.

I was born on May 1st 1998 into a family of four, I’ve always been known as the first born who always has been one who loves to express myself through the art of writing.

I love to read as much as I love to write (especially when it’s not school books). Not to boast but my ability to make up stories on the spot always leaves me in awe.
Oh, I’m a fast talker too

Professional Profile

  • Content developer for the 9jacampusstyle brand
  • Story writer at the Lagos life brand website
  • Content developer at the Accelerate Tv website
  • Registered writer at 54artistry



Winner of the Teen writer of the year Category – Nigerian Writers Award


Author of the DIARY OF THE CLASSIC TEENAGER book at age 14

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