Happy New Year Family💜


If you’re reading this, you made it into 2019.

Congratulations dear, there’s a reason you made it and I’m very sure it’s to fulfill the Glory of the Lord.

Of course, it’s the time of the year when everybody is high up in their emotions and of course appreciation and expectation messages have come in, I’ve gotten a fair share of my own appreciation messages and as much as I marvel about how well you people rate me, I’m really thankful for the grace to do these things I do. The best part is having you guys to do this for, y’all are an integral part of my life, really.

This blog is almost a year old and I came to the realization that I lived half of my life here through the narrations I provided and it’s funny now because most of you guys know more about me than I know about myself and you know by now that for the past three weeks, I’ve been on a positivity speaking spree and I’ve been trying to be less angry and I can beat my chest and say that I have progressed because I have.

I’m making this blog post the shortest you’ll ever see on this blog because I plan to start posting more than once a week and of course to give you to admire my new interface.

I’m so excited but you can’t tell because I’m typing this with a straight face even though I’m screaming inside. I’m fascinated at how beautiful this blog looks and I just want to fly out of my skin but there would be no one to write for you if I do.

This year is the year that everyone wants to make it by fire or by force and by hard work backed with prayers. EVERYONE.

We’re either getting it right this year or we’re not so while we feel that the month of January will last for four months, let’s also make sure that we’re making plans to work until we can afford everything we pray for.

⁃ Make resolutions while at it, give yourselves deadlines to accomplish those resolutions so you don’t end the year saying that resolutions are a scam.

⁃ Set goals and don’t limit God. Let your goals know that they’re not too big to be achieved.

⁃ Save a lot this year. If like me you’re a reckless spender, if you spend on icecream and data a lot, we’re the same thing but it doesn’t have to be that way this year. Save daily and set a weekly/monthly limit for yourself.

⁃ Make investments. Get a financial plan and a financial advisor that would guide you through the process of finance usage.

⁃ Stay busy. Gain skills, set up a business, take professional courses, watch a lot of videos that would improve your lives, make and maintain friends that would push you to be better but never stay idle.

⁃ Take that step you’ve always been afraid to take. Open that blog, open the vlog, start that podcast and make sure you hype it like your whole life depends on it.

⁃ Please, try not to be the subject of every social media negative drama so that when I’m talking about it on this blog, you won’t be angry.

I tried to keep this short and simple, I promise I tried. Happy new year guys💜



  1. Happy new year Osas darling.
    So I heard every body is planning to buy benz this year. Please if peradventure you guy before me, just send me a copy of the key, so I’ll co-own it till I buy my own

  2. I’m sure you were thinking about me when you were typing. This post is directed AT ME! Thanks so much for the motivation. I pray I can pull through with everything. God bless you my love💖

  3. I have been gingering myself from within on steps to take but the co-ginger I have received from reading this. Mehn the world ain’t ready 🤗🤗🤗

  4. Okay, the blog is up.

    Will make a post soon and I’m sending it to you to be one of the first readers, and you’ll tell me what you think about it. And probably help share it out if it’s worth it. Yes or yes?!

    BTW, this is nice template! 👍

  5. I’ve always wanted to be a vlogger,I struggle with commitment and I worry if it’ll work out,but I’ve taken your advice…this year will be all that is good for us

  6. Happy new year, Thank you for unknowing inspiring me to open my blog after so many years of sketching plans and ideas, Lol, the day I bought my domain, I didn’t even plan it gan, it shook me after sha, but the results are worth it. About this Data thing, AsweruGad you are one of the people that makes me come on IG, therefore, burning data, anyhow God bless you.

    No 2019 goals yet, trying to finish last year own small. Maybe next week.
    This website new look is amazing gaaaan, I don’t know which makeover is better, your haircut or your blog 😀

    • 😂😂😂 most definitely the blog because even my haircut bowed to this makeover. I’m so glad you have a blog now and I’m going to subscribe because I want to be a part of this greatness. Happy new year dear 💜

  7. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾one of my resolutions is to always leave comments under blogs that I truly enjoy, instead of “jux passin by”. I gathered that it shows support, and I also get to overcome a bit of laziness. Love you girl, your blog looks great!❤️


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