I’m not lucky, I’m loved


A very beautiful morning to my fellow single people, the rest of you can collect your good mornings from your partners.

Now playing: I’m not lucky, I’m loved – Jonathan McReynolds.

I’m actually really dancing on my bed while this song plays because Jonathan is so timely, he makes me happy.

The song tells me that the truth is that my blessings comes from the Father’s heart, not my lucky stars, not the skies nor by chance.

Not to lie but I’m terribly obsessed with Jonathan and I’m all for him coming to perform at THE EXPERIENCE one of these years.

Speaking of THE EXPERIENCE, who experienced it? Who else loved every bit of it?

Who also participated in RCCG’s Glory Ahead? Who joined in the one hour prayer?

Not you? You were at Shiloh then?

That night shook the grounds under me mehn.

It’s a beautiful new week and I actually had the intentions of telling you guys the story of how bad and dramatic last week was for me but I decided against it because I honestly didn’t want to sleep angry again because I want to positively enter danfo on my way to work tomorrow and not take out the anger on commuters.

Even the ones that are fighting with deodorants.

From now till the end of the year, you and I are going to behave ourselves while speaking words of positivity into our lives.

Positive words like:

I’ll register at a gym in January.

I’m blessed by God.

My friends are blessed too.

I am beautiful/handsome.

My self esteem cannot be trampled upon.

I’m winning today and the days that follow.

I’m a blessing.

Money needs me as much as I need it.

I will not be giving up today and the days that follow.

Add yours in the comment box.

Now that we’ve stated what our lives would revolve around from now, let’s talk about the concerts this December and how much of our money they will be having. I know that most of my followers are all for ‘chop life before e chop you’ but I’d love to personally advice that if you do not have a steady income, just attend one concert and watch the rest on people’s snap.

If you’re also confused about the one to attend, no worries. I gatchu.

Yup!!! Burna live by the one and only Burna boy of the world. This concert because I’ll be there and my eyes will be open through it.

Of course you can get tickets on www.loud.africa or on Nairabox.

Don’t ever say I didn’t do anything for you.

If you’re also feeling a little generous, you can pay for one of these packages for my friends and I, we won’t disappoint you at all.

We’ll make sure we shout till you can hear us from wherever you’ll be.

I love everyone that takes the time to read my blog posts and comment, it makes me happy and gives me enough ginger to renew this blog on the 31st of this month.

I’d of course not be here without you seeing that there’s no osastheking.com without you guys.

I honestly cannot explain the overwhelming love and support I get from everyone and I honestly plan to never stop.

You guys make me happy and I’d love to continue writing but I have work today and I need to sleep but before I go, scroll down and answer the questions.












  1. We love you too. Thanks for all the beautiful write-ups.
    Btw, back to the questions;
    Santa has not stopped by to drop my Christmas clothes 😭😭.
    About the concert, Let’s make it a date at Wizkid’s Made In Lagos.
    2018 is a great year, Let’s do this again 2019.

  2. Lovely write-up. Positive words like I can make it and never let anyone make me feel any other thing than myself.
    No Christmas cloth yet, wish I was in Nigeria to attend some of the events that are happening. Seems like a lot is happening this December. I achieved some things I wanted to. Didn’t have a resolution list for this year but there were some things I had thought about doing in the past and I was able to do them, as well as new things.

  3. This write has a calming effect and I’m glad I read it first thing this morning. PS: I think resolutions are starting to be overrated, I would rather just make plans. Thanks for this write and I feel a certain way now that I’m reminded of God’s love

    • I’m glad you read it too💜💜
      See ehn, for someone that doesn’t like to plan stuff before doing them, I agree about resolutions being overrated.

  4. Honestly I’ve stopped making resolutions straight up because they could be overwhelming and I beat myself up when I don’t achieve them.
    I read my “Godfessions”( it’s a devotional that is filled with positive and Godly confession’s and that’s enough for me.

  5. Got to know you or know your Instagram I mean(funny how my brain thinks I know you already) And you have been nothing short of amazing…i love every moment in your page,stories and blog. Keep being you some of us love you exceptionally.
    No concert for me this year,dedicating my my extra cash to charity and this year has been the most amazing for me. Everything fell in place just when I almost gave up. I owe you a Christmas present sha but I don’t know what yet

    • I love the sound of this and I’m glad everything fell in place at that point, the rest of the year and 2019 would be greater for you🙏🏽🙏🏽
      I’ll be expecting my gift 😁😁😁

  6. We can do with positive words all the time. As for Christmas clothes I’m staring at the materials without any money *at the moment* to buy or even sew. This is not happening next year😪. As for concerts I’m supposed to be going for TMOL on Friday, as long as I can sneak out of this place. I love you Osas, and thanks for not giving up cuz as long as you write, I’d always read. Greater 2019 ahead of us. Love you!💝

    • At least you have materials, I’m just here reasoning begging my daddy to give me money because it’s not Christmas clothes if I used my money.

      What’s TMOL?

  7. My colleagues are annoying me rn, but this positivity is great for monday morning. Speaking of Christmas clothes, I should send you Christmas clothes🤔😁😁.. Resolutions, what’s that🤔🤔

  8. Mamasas, you’ve really grown as a writer. (I feel like a Baba talking) 😂🤠 I haven’t gotten Christmas cloth, I’d be expecting from you, thanks in advance b!

    And this Christmas is vexing me, I want to hear sounds of banga on the street🤒 even tiri sound, isthat too much to ask?

    Prolly Wande Coal’s concert, man’s not decided. I saw Burna at UberLive, and man became a fan mehn, that guyyy is a whole vibe, so I bet you’d have a great time.

    About resolutions, mine is 2018 was just to be happy, tbh, progress has been made. 2019 man just wants to be a learning machine, that’s not a resolution tho.

  9. I remain your number one fan, can’t waitbto stalk you next year.. I think I had resolutions beginning of this year but the sad thing is I can’t remember anyone.. Christmas cloth is with Santa and yes I would be attending all the concerts on my bed in dream land.. 2018 was a good year with loads of lesson can’t wait to experience 2019💃🏽💃🏽

  10. Postive Comments:
    I’m going to be a better person
    The world wants to see what I can do😊😊

    Who concert epp, I Deen have money. I’d sit in the father’s house😂😂

  11. Positive vibes throughout
    Nepa would give us light 24/7
    I’d be better ✊ and I’m going to show the world😊

    No concert 😂😂no money
    We’ll be fine❤️😊

  12. No Christmas cloth yet
    Just one concert…palmwime music festival. 29th
    I feel achieved
    Resolution was to be a better person and friend. And I sure resolved that


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