I’m sorry I’ve been away😪


Happy new week guys. I promise you all that I’ll be missing my 8am class as soon as I post this and sleep off because nothing will be making me wake up before 10am.

The sight of this image makes me yawn endlessly.

I apologize for not posting at all last week. I kept on procrastinating (took me a lot of google searches to remember this word) till the week ended and I was mentally tired and uninspired to open this blog but I’m here now.

I’ve watched the movie “Truth or Dare” three times in less than six hours because I’m somehow trying to understand how crazy a writer has to be to come up with such script. That’s the level of crazy I want to be, it’s not too much to ask, is it?

I can’t stop picturing those funny truth or dare faces in my head so I’ve resorted to using the two of my latest favorite songs to help me write this post.

Oya, time to update your playlists.

◦ Nonso Bassey- 411 remix because he made me catch the virus and his voice is mesmerizing.

◦ Wurld- Contagious. Have you guys seen that video? He’s going to have to become my friend because he and his hair color are both contagious.

Everybody pray for my friends – Senami and Ruth. Nothing much, they’re just as broke as I am so we can’t go past our doorsteps.

They’re the very reasons why I missed going for The BBQ party and Oxymoron with Kennyblaq and why I’m here watching the stories of the people that went. I’m weeping hot tears.

If you attended TAPE/FEARLESS last week and you sat inside, I just want you to know that we’re not friends, you lucky sly. Nigerians are very angry people whom we now know, would never be late to the airport and an event where Tim Godfrey and Travis Greene are part of. I stayed in lagos traffic for almost two hours and got to the venue to find out that everywhere had been filled up. I left two hours later because I was so sure I would have fainted if I had stayed longer.

Big brother Travis, I love you man💜

Unrelated update: My departmental week starts today and it’s kicking off with faaji Monday where everyone gets to gyrate. We all need to be there. Steven and I will also be hosting Mass Comm’s got talent event on Tuesday. I’ll be disgracing everyone of you, my readers💜

So dear followers, I have a friend who’s not really my friend but I let her be a part of my life because she’s friends with my friends. They’re the reason I’m tolerating her but I’ve seemingly had it up to the tip my nose. She lies, she steals and she lies about not doing any of those things. I’m angry because she has stolen from my own friend twice and I’m still being made to associate with her without confrontation. She looked me in the eyes and lied about something last year, I went on to confront the person involved when I finally met him for the very first time this year and he told me a different story. I’m pissed because all these back and forth involve my hustle but I’m still giving benefit of doubt because my close friends are such good people and would not want to hurt the feelings of anybody except me. So now I’m irritated.

Someone has also been owing me a substantial amount of money since December and he has the guts to still play nairabet and all the different kind of bets that exist while telling me that he fell from a plane hence his inability to pay me.

The two things these two people have in common is that they both owe me and I hate being owed, especially my own money. Jesus is just the reason I’m being calm because he doesn’t want me to sleep at Alpha base for wrong use of words, really.







  1. Guy Debtors are the only reason I no longer have savings, they just have a lovely way of scattering your whole savings plan. Babe just start soaking garri because if that’s the last money on you guy you will starve and yet they will be uploading pics of chinese dish, latest wear etc. Don’t lose patience guy I can’t tell the story of how TheKing ended her career because if debtors…

  2. Debtors plus Liars can help your blood pressure rise. I had a classmate that lies a lot. We all lie, yes! but obvious lies are frustrating, they can cause me to cry… ah! I feel your pain but I wouldn’t want you to visit Alpha base. Abeg, just calm down… How to get your money back? I will be thinking about it💕

  3. If I start writing about debtors and liars, Osas would have to make me a co-owner of this blog. So I’ll just say “May God touch them to settle you”

  4. Osas see ehn, there are good debtors and bad debtors. Good debtors are the debtors that you can still tolorate, because they keep on reminding you about how sorry they feel about owing you money for so long. Then we now have the Heartless Debtors(Bad Debtors), these ones would totally pretend like they don’t owe you shit! Forgetting how badly they needed the money / service when you helped them. And personally I don’t like disturbing my debtors cos I usually feel like I am embarrassing them, so most times I just pray and hope for them to consider me one day and pay up.

    • I love that you pray for your debtors. Like how do I start a prayer for someone that is owing me and still claiming right ontop of the money

  5. Yaaaaay, been waiting for your blog post, I’m too much of a fan lol😁.. BTW Next time you’re too broke to go out hit me up daddy is here for you 😂😂😂…

  6. Your post has brought back my pain; full FORCE. It’s so annoying. They owe you money and they are flexing and comfortable. I am not comfortable!!! Why should an “onigbese” be? I’m begining to lose my shit. Funny thing is one had the guts to ask me for money again. My money still dey your hand and you wan add another one join am😤 It’s a great thing guns are not easy to obtain in these parts.

    • Lmao 😂😂😂😂
      Liiiike how do they do it?
      How do they sleep at night knowing they’re owing you. The fact that I jammed my debtor with food when I was hungry made
      It worse

  7. I feel your pain Osas. I’ve got a couple of debtors rn, it’s frustrating to wait when they’re pretending, but what else can we do but wait? . Just be patient my dear.


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