June, which way abeg?


I don’t think I have ever had a cause to come here twice in a week for the purpose of creating blog posts but my heart is very heavy. This is the week that I’ve sat down to ask if God is really annoyed with Nigerians because this week has caused a lot of pains in the heart of Nigerians.

While we were busy mourning with D’banj and his family, we were thrown into another state of mourning of the loss of two out of three kids to a fire accident. The children of a Nigerian Reproductive Health Expert -Blessing Timidi Digha.

We were not even over this one when we heard that a mother somewhere in Abia burnt her son because she heard he stole a MP3 player from a neighbor. Days after, he died while asking that his mother be forgiven by the Nigerian police because he was the one at fault.

Where others are praying not to lose their kids, this one gave him to death freely.

Nigerians of course decided that we were going to seek solace in the Nigeria-Argentina match in the midst of the storm but our already broken hearts were left shattered. Let me not even generalize.

My heart was beyond shattered, our loss reminded me of everything I have ever lost including my relationships and I cried. I cried for every earring I ever lost, I cried for every marks I ever lost, I cried for the very first F I got a few weeks I ago.

I cried in heartbreak and slept very early and woke up to the news of the continued killings in plateau state and I stayed wondering what it was our country’s government was known for best and it hit me.

They were good for nothing!!!

Then Wednesday night came with the comic relief. There was a rape allegation on twitter and you know how everyone loves twitter drama? Yeah, we all keyed into it. Twitter went agog with the Berger to Ajah tweets when it was alleged that a babe travelled all the way from Berger to Ajah for knacks only for her to come out two years later to claim that she was raped. Amazingly, the accused cleared his name with the chats they had two years ago and he was vindicated. Well, not by feminist twitter who claimed that the accused body shamed the accuser.

I was more amazed at the fact that someone travelled from Berger to Ajah and still had the strength to still give in to knacks and this made me reevaluate my laziness that came with going to class.

We were all too happy that this was going to relieve us for a bit when we heard that the Bodija Meat market was under clash between the police and butchers.


This is a disaster!

This is the disaster!!

This is one out of a million of Nigeria’s disaster!!!

This is coming weeks after a container fell at Ojuelegba and killed a lot of people.


How does a tanker explode on Otedola bridge and kill a lot of people.

My friend happened to be in that bridge minutes before that fire started and I cried like I already lost him.

My heart is heavy and I honestly want to go back in time, back to May so we can find out where we went wrong and make a lot of amends because I’m sure this is how this issue will die down.


Has June been nice to you?

How do you feel really?

Does this country frustrate you like it does to me?


  1. I dont even want to say I want to leave this country. We just need to pray for ourselves. We just need to pray for our country. It turns out people aren’t just dying. It turns out we are killing ourselves. Its not even about the month of June. We just need to pray.

  2. This should be my first comment on your blog. I’m really really really broken rn. Lives are being lost, families are being put in disarray. People are loosing their loved ones. May the soul of those we lost rest in peace๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’” I don’t even have the strength to talk about how this country is frustrating me. All the same, we’ll keep praying for Nigeria๐Ÿ™

  3. Sigh! I’m actually writingvthis with tears in my eyes. I am feasted, I am broken my heart is in disarray. This is beyond normal. We need to pray for Nigeria because that’s the only thing we need right now. Our goverent is one hell of a crap and all this is happening. I hope this gets better. I pray God comforts every family that has lost one or two this month. I pray we find peace in Nigeria soon. #Nigeriamourns #BlackJune

  4. Today was really so heartbreaking especially because my mom escaped by a little time from this fire I literally just can’t stop checking on her and thanking God that she is still here. So not taking this life for granted

  5. There’s literally tears in my eyes while reading this. Come next week no one would care that this happened because the next celebrity fight or stupid twitter bant will capture everyone’s attention. I’m so angry at the government. At the politidiots that will start flinging blame at themselves. We have to wake up and realise we deserve better in this country. Nigeria is calling, but her compatriots are asleep.

    • My dear.
      Sheybe one political party gave Nigerians one week off to mourn but your president said it is propaganda and asked that no holiday be taken.

  6. My heart is heavy… I can feel the pain in my chest, i don’t even have the strength to cry. This is too much for us. I couldn’t sleep at night, “more than 50 vehicles were involved” kept on ringing in my head…

  7. Really sad, so many errors, so many questions but so little answers. We can only pray God stays with us through trying times

  8. i was utterly devastated when i heard the news yesterday. My parents are based in Ibadan and i just thank God that they are afe.

  9. I think we as Nigerians should start asking if our country loves us as much as we love it…

    We need real change
    A positive one
    Not a PMB’s Type of change..
    Let’s get our pvc’s and vote…
    Thanks Osas ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐ŸŒนโค๐Ÿ˜˜


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