I’m Getting Married


Happy new week o, dear readers.

How did your weekend go?

Mine went well, thank you for asking back.

It’s 3am and of course and I’m listening to Nasty C’s Jungle and King while writing this on a hospital chair.

Special birthday shout out to Taofeek Oseni, God bless you real good.

Meanwhile, if you’re a blogger like me, I really do appreciate you. Creating blog posts has to be the hardest thing a blogger ever experiences.

This thing is not easy but we stay doing it for the audience.

Recently, my younger brother asked me when I will be getting married.

The question shocked me to my bone marrow because not only am I too young at the moment, he really had no right to come on to me like that.

Even if the question of getting married was going to arise, I didn’t expect that it would be from him, my parents yes but my younger brother, no. I stayed wondering how someone like me who is still careless enough to lock herself inside a bathroom with no hope of getting out is being asked about her husband.

Of course I didn’t tell him all of these. I told him that I didn’t even have a boyfriend yet not to talk of a potential husband and he laughed and reminded me of the days when a lot of male species were indirectly asking to let me be deceived by them in the name of dating and how I usually brought them to the house whenever my parents were not at home to be scrutinized under the full view of my siblings. Of course if my siblings said no, that was the last time we would ever speak to each other.

Talk about influencers.

This whole reminder had me thinking with a lot of why’s and how’s running through my head.

For example:

⁃ why did I stop getting chased as soon as I started to grow up? I’m way finer than I was five years ago when I was hot on 2go and Facebook.

⁃ How do you males that like me live with yourselves when you know you like me and you won’t tell me until I finally like someone else back, only then will you realize that you were there before another male came to scoop me away like the icecream that I am.

Allow me stop here first before I get into some people’s feelings. I’m not saying I’m in the mood to get married at the moment, all I’m saying is I think I enjoyed being totally scrutinized by my brother about this issue of marriage. It makes me feel so grown up, let me not lie.

My parents on the other hand still don’t want to see me involved with any male specie because I’m still 12 to them. Shoutout to all my male friends that feel really special because I’ve introduced them to my parents, you guys are really special because if I did the introduction three years ago, your heads might have left your necks then.

All of these being said, I’m psyched about Saturday because 9jacampusstyle has decided to give back to the society as we will be visiting an orphanage home to go and educate them on a lot of things, I’ll be using this opportunity to talk to them about molestation and its vices. I feel excited really, my voice gets to move beyond the four walls of social media.

One of the miracles I want to get involved in creating is trying to rid the society of sexual predators and molestation because I don’t want any child of tomorrow to grow up as traumatized as some of the people who shared their stories.

This quote bursted my head sha. Anyway, the floor is open for donations and volunteers. Read the instruction on the flier or click here to contribute to this project.

I honestly love my readers and supporters with the love of God❤️

Have a blessed week.

Have you ever had to involve your siblings in your relationships? How did it go?

Do you like Nasty C as much as I do? How many of his songs do you have?

Have you gotten to the ‘where’s your spouse’ stage with your parents? Gist me abeg.

Have you ever volunteered for anything? How did it go?


  1. My wife ❤❤
    Don’t mind your brother ehn… He’s still a child. I’d like to share my story some other time. Nice work baby 💟💟 I love you.

  2. The last time i was in lagos, my mother stylishly asked me of my boyfriend, i looked at her as if i have decided to be a nun and follow Jesus, i will make sure she suffers same years she didn’t allow me bring a male specie to the house. count down to five yrs. 4 yrs 11 months and 30 days…..

  3. Are you sure you like nasty c? 😂😂 well my dad asked me once what about your husband 😂 I was dumb founded hen and it was so awkward, had to change the topic somehow. I volunteered for charity with art and it was fun. Love reading your blog ❤️❤️

  4. I was so eager to start a blog then but now i know how hard it is to put words together and connect with people…. http://www.gaptoothedsite.wordpress.com … Marriage? The question has starting coming in o but it is not moving me at all until my dad would pop the question and i would blow up… like, “dad, i thought you wanted me to be a nun because i don’t think i want to follow boy o”… 😂😂 AWESOME POSTS ALWAYS!

    • I’m going to sleep on your blog tonight mehn 😍😍 and that’s what I plan to tell my dad when the question comes up


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